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around town: we heart having the right to vote!

Can you imagine a time when you didn’t have the right to vote? As American women in today’s world, we may forget that less than 100 years ago, we did not have the right to help decide who runs our country. We owe great thanks to the suffragists that began their tireless efforts to earn women’s freedom and equality, starting at the first women’s rights convention in 1848.

susan b anthony, elizabeth cady stanton

(Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the founders of the suffragist movement)

Fast forward to the 20th century. Years had passed, and steps had been taken in the right direction. We had gained better access to education, lifestyle, and freedoms that had previously been denied. A huge milestone was in sight, as the suffragist movement gained momentum, strength, and support over the first two decades of the 20th century. The National American Woman Suffrage Association, comprised of various women’s rights groups from across the country that all shared a common goal, took to Washington, DC in 1920. Finally, the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution was passed, and became law, state by state.Many states began allowing women access to vote, and the female voice was finally being heard. Tennessee became the 36th state to ratify the law on August 18 of that year; the two-thirds state majority needed to pass the amendment. On August 26th, our leaders saw a huge victory in the passing of the law that gave womenequal access to vote alongside men.women_vote

(badass suffragist paraphernalia)

Cheers to the many strong women who fought for the rights we have today, and for each woman who stands up for her rights, taking us forward in the movement towards full equality in the United States and around the world. O+

6 Suffragist Picketing(4)

(they fought for us!)

National Women’s History Museum – Women in the Progressive Era

Women’s Suffrage – A historic anniversary!

A Tribute to American Women on the 91st Anniversary of Suffrage — The People’s View

Woman suffrage amendment ratified —

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inspiration wednesday: we heart lauren bacall

“I am not a has-been. I am a will be.” -Lauren Bacall

She was poised and beautiful, talented and unique; one of our favorite actresses of Hollywood’s golden age. Lauren Bacall died at 89 this week, and we’ll be watching our most beloved movies all week to honor her fabulousness. How to Marry a Millionaire. The Mirror Has Two Faces. To Have an Have Not (her legendary and stunning screen debut).

her style was impeccable- always perfectly put together, her feminine coif and elegant style were the epitome of chic. we love her ability to look equally as gorgeous whether vamping it up with her sexy pout, or dazzling us with her bright smile. she seemed so real- confessing in later years that her signature “look” was actually her way of looking to her lover Humphrey Bogart while dealing with on-screen nerves. she wasn’t afraid to be a woman, to be bold, and to always fabulous.


The magnetic mystique of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall – The Washington Post

15 Memorable Lauren Bacall Quotes: ‘Stardom Isn’t a Profession; It’s an Accident’

Lauren Bacall Has Died At Age 89 – Actress and Model Lauren Bacall Death – Elle

The Best Eyebrows of All Time: Cara Delevingne, Rooney Mara, Arizona Muse, and More – Vogue

Lauren Bacall, Hollywood’s Icon of Cool, Dies at 89


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style spotlight: we heart fall couture shows

Now that resort shows have come to an end, the industry has moved on to showcase the grandest of it all, haute couture. Legendary houses from the likes of Chanel, Dior, and Versace come together in the romance capital of Paris to bring about the creme de la creme of designs. They demonstrate their strength as a label allowing no budget or limitation. Immaculate details from the finest of silks to Swarovski crystals come together in a harmonious blend. The events are star studded and all the biggest names of the moment sit front row to enjoy the spectacles.  The result, the most elaborate bi-yearly designs, and the dresses every bride dreams of. Below, we salute our favorites of the season:

Brought elegance and a refined look that we missed from the Parisian house post-supermarket showdown.

For the closing, Karl Lagerfeld walked hand in hand with the beautiful and pregnant model Ashleigh Good modeling the ultimate wedding dress.

Model showcase: Kendall Jenner has had quite a year. The 18 year old model surely isn’t stopping, making her second appearance on the Chanel runway.

Star sight: Only Jared Leto could pull of such a relaxed style at a haute couture show and get away with it. While Kristen Stewart donned a new short ‘do proving the girl can do it all.
Finding a middle ground between the typical fit to the new and progressive draped silhouettes, Donatella Versace’s Grace Jones inspired collection lets us know that even the fifties had a little room for the Italian power house.
The Collection:
Elaborate neckline, purple hues, and wild prints keep in the epitome of what Versace is.
Star Sighting:

Versace regular Jennifer Lopez had us wondering, is that a dress or pants?


The house of Raf Simmons is as classic and timeless as always. We see a continuance on the reiteration of traditional and minimal designs.

Star Sighting:

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romance monday: we heart memorial day brides

Memorial Day was one for the bridal books. From an over publicized black tie wedding to Moroccan luxury serenade, fashion moguls from the likes of Poppy Delevigne to Kim and Kanye and Natalia Kills celebrated holy matrimony in ways that redefined luxe.

1. Poppy Delevingne

The second affair for the Brit beauty’s nuptials followed the intimate London wedding. The couple opted for a lavish Moroccan affair. Decked in a lacy Pucci peplum gown versus the Chanel showcase that happened a week beforehand, the bride defined bohemian elegance as she glowed of grace.  Sister Cara Delevigne reprised her role as maid of honor, donning a gorgeous lacy suit. The event was surrounded by high profile models such as family friends Arizona Muse, Suki Waterhouse, and Georgia May Jagger. The bridal attire for Poppy showcased an eccentric route for the leading role, proving that floral is always suitable. poppy-wedding-dress--z2. Natalia Kills

As a less publicized event, British pop star Natalia Kills married New Zealand recording artist Willy Moon. The unconventional event took place at the Jane Hotel rooftop in New York City, the couple were brought to together in matrimony by a captain. The happy couple was accompanied by a number of their family members and close friends including Obesity and Speed’s Lyz Olko.natalia kills wedding dress

3. Kim Kardashian (and Kanye West)

Anticipated and highly publicized the rapper and reality television star’s event finally unfolded. In the city of Florence, the couple celebrated outdoors surrounded by an abundance of flowers to the sounds of Andrea Botticelli as Kim walked down the aisle. The couple wore Givenchy by friend, Riccardo

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Around town: we heart the Met Gala

Each year at the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, we get to watch our favorite celebrities don their most unique and gorgeous interpretations of the years theme for the fundraising ball. For 2014, it was white tie, a chance for the most glamorous of all looks to be sported. The theme of the event surrounded a Met exhibition on famous 1950s couturier Charles James, whose spectacular, unique, and architecturally inspired ball gowns were breathtaking, to say the least. James’ inspiration and elegance did indeed reign, interpreted through everything from flapper chic, to mid century class, to modern minimalism, and practically everything else in between. With the myriad of gorgeous and distinctive designs all over the red carpet, we found it literally impossible to pick a single favorite. But we did love so many of the looks in so many different ways. Check out our faves ♡♡♡

1. Most Elegant. Not surprising, Sarah Jessica Parker was stunning in an Oscar de la Renta ball gown, almost directly inspired by one of James’ famous pieces. De la Renta’s tongue in cheek addition was his signature -literally- scrawled on the hem of SJP’s train.


2. Most Unforgettable. Lupita Nyong’o surprised and wowed us once again with her fearlessness on the red carpet. Her flapper inspired Prada ensemble was a bit controversial, but for us, it was perfectly creative, unique, and beautiful; prefect for an evening of artistic expression.


3. Best Audrey Hepburn inspired look. Model Karlie Kloss nailed a perfectly elegant Oscar de la Renta piece in a waist cinching sheath with a gorgeous train, reminiscent of Ms. Hepburn’s black Ginenchy number from her famous role as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


4. Best Floral Look. The always chic Emmy Rossum perfectly paired a glamorous and feminine silhouette with a sweet and classic oversized floral print in bright summery colors by Carolina Herrera. Just gorgeous!


5. Best Bold Color. There is something to be said for a great figure hugging silhouette and a perfectly simple dress in a bold jewel tone. Lala Anthony definitely captured this, turning heads in a gorgeous Cushnie et Ochsgown.


6. Best Casual Look. Some stars opt for a casual chic look for the Gala. It’s a roof look to pull off at a white tie event, but Riley Keough did it perfectly in a chic, figure hugging Louis Vuitton ensemble that we loved. She reminded us of a vintage Barbie in her glamorous high waisted pantsuit!


7. Best Guys’ Look. Guys have it tough when it comes to pushing the envelope on the red carpet while still looking dapper. Shunning the average tuxedo, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka donned unique silhouettes and patterns and still managed to keep it elegant in chic Thom Browne ensembles that we absolutely loved.


8. Best Classic Look. Claire Danes is always gorgeous, so it wasn’t surprising that she easily pulled off a gorgeously simple velvet and satin gown by (who else?) Oscar de la Renta.


9. Most Unique Silhouette. Zoe Saldana defined elegance in a unique Michael Kors ensemble in a way that only this statuesque beauty could do.


2014 Met Gala Arrivals | E! Online

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around town: we heart mean girls

today marks 10 years since the movie was released. we learned so much from Cady, Regina and the plastics, and Janis and Damian about how to survive girl world. we are still obsessed. we may or may not be watching it as we speak.

Our favorite moments:

“I know it may look like I’d become a bitch, but that was only because I was acting like a bitch.” – Cady Heron

“That’s why her hair is so big. It’s full of secrets.” – Damian

“Regina George is not sweet! She’s a scum sucking road whore, she ruined my life!” – Janis Ian

I’m sorry that people are jealous of me. I can’t help it that I’m so popular.” – Gretchen Wieners

“Boo, you whore.” – Regina George

The 33 Best ‘Mean Girls’ Quotes, Ranked – MTV

Lindsay Lohan Has Another Mean Girls Reunion: See The Pic! – The Hollywood Gossip

Mean Girls actor Daniel Franzese publicly comes out in letter to his character Damian | Sugarscape |

15 Life Lessons from “Mean Girls” As Told By GIFs | Surviving College

 **** that is so fetch! ****

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around town: we heart earth day

it’s us environmentalists’ most sacred day of the year- it’s earth day! it’s important to be green every day of the year, but today is a celebration of our earth, and a time to take the opportunity to make it a better place from here on out. for us, it all started with a third-grade classroom presentation, when we were first introduced to “the 3 Rs- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. that day, at home, mom and dad were subjected to a lecture on why those 3 Rs are so important, and we’ve been practicing our own brand of environmentalism ever since. take a look at our top ways of doing our part for Mother Earth…

1. Recycle! nowadays, it’s easy to recycle; we keep a bin right next to the garbage can for newspapers, takeout containers (always wash ’em first!), and other recyclable materials. it makes for much less gross garbage duty, and it’s an easy way to feel like we’re doing our part.

2. Reduce! going to Starbucks? Take your own travel mug; it keeps your drink hotter/colder a bit longer, is a bit less messy (at least for us accident prone types), plus it saves you 10 cents! going to the store? take your own reusable bags; you save a few plastics, plus they’re easier to carry, and they look cute.redcup


(a green don’t- shoulda brought my reusable!)

3. Reuse! we are big fans of reusing old stuff and giving it new life. and why not? it’s an easy way to find a bit more specialness in something preciously used; and breathing new energy into something old really gives one a sense of pride. around the house, in the yard, and even in our beloved headpieces. there’s nothing more special than sporting something that bears the charm of something a bit old, with it’s own story and history, and knowing it’s a one of a kind piece that only you have.laceygreen


(vintage love with one of our fave new designs)

4. Plant some green! plant a few herbs or flowers. plant a lot if you have a yard; plant a few if you have a window. but just try it, and we guarantee you’ll love the sense of pride in eating your own basil (really, it’s so easy to grow from seeds in a pot on the window sill!) or enjoying flowers that you nurtured from a seedling.sird

(we planted some flowers. sir diddamus approves)

5. Take the time! take a look around you, and find all the ways the earth has provided us with so much beauty! everywhere we look, we can find it; even in a big city, just take a look at those gorgeous clouds moving by, or that patch of grass with a few stunning wildflowers. it’s truly amazing! if you’re lucky as us Chicagoans, don’t forget that we have a gorgeous lake right at our doorstep; take a walk along the lakeshore path and revel in the natural beauty around you.

check out for some really interesting facts on this special day, which began way back in 1970 (see, we’ve been green for much longer than you thought!), and how you can do your part.

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inspiration friday: we heart lady gaga’s best looks on her birthday

we love her music, but what we love more is, of course, her style. she is a talented musician, a stunning performer, and an amazing, unique woman. the first and only of her kind. a trailblazer. but you already knew that, didn’t you? we have decided to celebrate the birthday of the queen of all things fabulous, Lady Gaga, with an ode to our favorite looks of her career.

10. vogue magazine, september 2012. we love when gaga embraces her natural beauty. she was graceful and poised in a dramatic piece by Stephen Jones Millinery.gaga_vogue_sept12_stephenjonesmillinery

9. out and about in new york city, 2011. she can so easily go from over the top to chic elegance, and here she showed us a bit of both, in a chic and sexy belted pink frock, scarf, and hat. a teal lip coordinated beautifully, and reminded us that, despite the simplicity of the silhouette, she still loves to push the envelope.gaga-Pinkdress_teallipstick_nyc

8. the Telephone music video, 2009. we love pretty much everything about this video, from the edgy, bold sexuality to the amazing costumes. our favorite is the ode to Madonna’s Who’s That Girl? phase, with a twist (naturally) of pop can hair rollers and over the top lips and eyes.gaga_telephone7. Canada’s MuchMusic Awards, 2011. gaga was ever so chic in a colorful 80s-inspired look; a boxy jacket, worn over delectable printed leggings, topped with dark glasses and bright teal hair. the outfit is refreshingly flattering, and the signature sky-high platforms add height and a fun contrasting animal print to round out the look.Lady Gaga6. gaga being cute and candid, 2013. we love this epic tweet, where she showed her goofy side in nerdy glasses and a funky floppy brimmed hat in a black and white color scheme. deep red lips completed the perfectly imperfect look. we love her sense of humor!gaga_twitter_glasses5. performing on The View, 2011. in head-to-toe Salvatore Ferragamo houndstooth, complete with hat, glasses, and shoes, gaga visited the talk show and performed… on a matching houndstooth piano. only Mother Monster herself could get away with that.gaga_theview_2011_ferragamo

4. Born This Way video, 2011. for her anthem to equality, she assembled a cast of unique characters, including model Rick Genest, known for his allover body tattoos. she dressed herself up as his feminine counterpart, matching his unique face and black and white tuxedo, topping herself off with a sassy pink ponytail. we love this sexy, androgynous, and macabre look.

gaga_rickgenest_bornthiswayvideo3. at the 2012 Grammy Awards. she was fierce in a custom Versace look, a regal waist-cinching number in layers of black netting and patent leather, with a long train and gold details including her very own scepter.gaga_2012grammys_versace

2. out and about in London, 2013. the diva wore a surprisingly demure suit, surprising us as she loves to do. she didn’t forget dramatic details in the Vivienne Westwood ensemble, of course, and made sure to don sky high heels, along with a ‘do that also stood tall. the dramatic oversized wig sported a smattering of Ariel-inspired seashells, and the look was topped by a jaunty hat, complete with pheasant feather detail. the look got mixed reviews, but we loved it!


1. MAC Cosmetics, 2010. for a chic Viva Glam line, Gaga was half of a power duo with the fabulous Cyndi Lauper. the two were boudoir chic in platforms, pearls, corsets and curls, and of course sultry lips and smokey eyes. it was the ultimate diva fantasy!


we hope the fabulous fashionista enjoyed her special day. paws up! xoxo

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inspiration wednesday: we heart Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic

Sandra Bullock is a goddess. her poise, her look, her humor, her style, her talent. she’s just fabulous! she has taken on so many fun roles, showing us different personalities and styles throughout the years- she was adorable and bumbling in While You Were Sleeping, silly and bold in Miss Congenialitysweet and strong in The Blind Sidefor which she of course won the Oscar for Best Actress, and wowed us again last year in Gravityis there any role she can’t awe us in?

“there’s a little witch in every woman” -aunt jet (dianne wiest)

but our favorite role of Sandra’s career has to be as sassy, loving, and magical Sally Owen in 1998’s Practical Magic. it’s one of our favorite movies of all time, with four amazing women- Sandra, of course, Nicole Kidman, Dianne Wiest, and Stockard Channing– representing a beautiful family of witches. we love the spot-on banter between the women that so reminds us of our sister, mother, and best friends. the setting is swoon-worthy; a sweet, cloudy New England town (though it was actually filmed on beautiful San Juan Islands in Washington), and a to-die-for Victorian mansion, complete with a winding staircase, a spectacular kitchen, and a gorgeous greenhouse. and don’t even get us started on Sally Owens’ little botanical shop, Verbena. we could go on!

“plant lavender for luck” – sally owens (sandra bullock)

the entire style of the movie, and of Sally, is breathtaking, in soft, earthy pastels, and a decidedly ethereal vibe- textural, flowy styles, soft, wavy, hair, feminine florals. layered skirts, dresses, and cardigans are paired with delicate feminine accessories for a functionally feminine style. grays, blues and greens are abundant, making us long to dig our hands into the garden under a summer evening sky, wearing our favorite wide-brimmed gardening hat and flowered skirt.

“we owens women have always created a stir” – aunt frances (stockard channing)sandrabullock_sallyowens_style_practiclmagic_movie_1998

we found the most amazing fan site dedicated to this wonderful movie… amasveritas.comwhere we found all of our images, and learned a bit more of the Practical Magic backstory. be prepared to have some fun if you love this movie as much as we do!


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around town: we heart the first day of spring

happy spring! it’s officially here, though we are still battling the ups and downs of a midwest march. but our 50-plus days have been making their appearances. and we are soaking up every scarf-free minute. spring is that great season right between extreme cold and extreme heat- so enjoy it! what are our favorite spring moments? let’s see…

1. the first time we see flowers blooming. don’t you love those little green sprouts, cheerfully peeking out from the dirt? it means there are some serious pretties just waiting to explode with color. that also means that the greenhouses and garden centers open, for weekend adventures to gather soil, bulbs, and seeds! our favorites are Pasquesi Home and Gardenin Lake Bluff, Illinois, and Bordines Nurseryin Rochester Hills, Michigan.tulips

2. hello, spring jackets. everyone loves their furry leopard print winter coats (or is that just us?) but there is not better feeling than slipping into your favorite leather bomber (loving this little green number from Asos), jean jacket (here’s a perfectly classic one from Target), or twill peacoat (loving this bright red one with a removable hood at Nordstrom) after bundling up for what felt like months and months.springjackets_asosbomber_targetjeanjacket_londonfogpeacoat

3. frappuccinos. ’nuff said. we love our mochas and caramel machiattos, but after an entire winter of warming up with them, there is nothing better than the return of the frosty refreshing deliciousness of a frappit’s like a caffeinated milkshake for adults. who wouldn’t love that?starbucks_chicago_frappuccino

4. spring rains= cute boots. we love rainstorms: the refreshing feel, the soothing sound, that great earthy smell right after. do you love them as much as us? even if you don’t, we can all agree that sloshing through big puddles is probably the single most satisfying activity one can experience. of course, you need a good pair of rainboots (no one loves wet socks!), and  lucky for us, there are plenty of cute styles out there. we love this purple lace up wedge style from Dirty Laundry, these festive floral pull-ons from Bogs, and this adorable faux quilted look from Hunter. How do we choose?rainboots_dirtylaundry_bogs_hunter

5. time for farmer’s markets. it’s the best part of living in the city, isn’t it? every neighborhood has theirs, and they all open for the season in April and May. our local spot is the Logan Square Farmer’s Market, where farmers and artisans from all over the midwest bring their plants, fresh fruits and veggies, and awesome homemade goodies to nosh on while we shop.farmersmarket_logansquare_flowers