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around town: we heart earth day

it’s us environmentalists’ most sacred day of the year- it’s earth day! it’s important to be green every day of the year, but today is a celebration of our earth, and a time to take the opportunity to make it a better place from here on out. for us, it all started with a third-grade classroom presentation, when we were first introduced to “the 3 Rs- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. that day, at home, mom and dad were subjected to a lecture on why those 3 Rs are so important, and we’ve been practicing our own brand of environmentalism ever since. take a look at our top ways of doing our part for Mother Earth…

1. Recycle! nowadays, it’s easy to recycle; we keep a bin right next to the garbage can for newspapers, takeout containers (always wash ’em first!), and other recyclable materials. it makes for much less gross garbage duty, and it’s an easy way to feel like we’re doing our part.

2. Reduce! going to Starbucks? Take your own travel mug; it keeps your drink hotter/colder a bit longer, is a bit less messy (at least for us accident prone types), plus it saves you 10 cents! going to the store? take your own reusable bags; you save a few plastics, plus they’re easier to carry, and they look cute.redcup


(a green don’t- shoulda brought my reusable!)

3. Reuse! we are big fans of reusing old stuff and giving it new life. and why not? it’s an easy way to find a bit more specialness in something preciously used; and breathing new energy into something old really gives one a sense of pride. around the house, in the yard, and even in our beloved headpieces. there’s nothing more special than sporting something that bears the charm of something a bit old, with it’s own story and history, and knowing it’s a one of a kind piece that only you have.laceygreen


(vintage love with one of our fave new designs)

4. Plant some green! plant a few herbs or flowers. plant a lot if you have a yard; plant a few if you have a window. but just try it, and we guarantee you’ll love the sense of pride in eating your own basil (really, it’s so easy to grow from seeds in a pot on the window sill!) or enjoying flowers that you nurtured from a seedling.sird

(we planted some flowers. sir diddamus approves)

5. Take the time! take a look around you, and find all the ways the earth has provided us with so much beauty! everywhere we look, we can find it; even in a big city, just take a look at those gorgeous clouds moving by, or that patch of grass with a few stunning wildflowers. it’s truly amazing! if you’re lucky as us Chicagoans, don’t forget that we have a gorgeous lake right at our doorstep; take a walk along the lakeshore path and revel in the natural beauty around you.

check out for some really interesting facts on this special day, which began way back in 1970 (see, we’ve been green for much longer than you thought!), and how you can do your part.

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romance wednesday: we heart paul newman and joanne woodward

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward met in 1953, while the two understudied on the New York City set of the romantic play Picnic. on that stage is where the first undeniably sparks between them flew; and from then on it became a love affair that lasted a lifetime. during the first period of their relationship, Paul’s first marriage was coming to an end, and each was discovering their individual Hollywood success. Joanne starred in The Three Faces of Eve for which she won the 1957 Academy Award for Best Actress. the two were officially reunited to film The Long, Hot Summer; from there, the romance blossomed.92fdd6ecc37da5925e2f34e2c5a6b021

confession: we are somewhat obsessed with looking at pictures of the couple. it’s hard not to fall in love; you can see from a mile away that they were absolute soul mates. the pair were married in a simple, quaint ceremony in a Las Vegas hotel, and spent 50 love-filled years before Paul’s death from lung cancer in 2008. the power couple were attached to each other until his death, raising a family, starring together in a slew of films, and creating a life and a family that nothing could destroy.7269161830_cccedf05b7_o

do yourself a favor… pour yourself a glass of wine, kick your feet up, and watch A New Kind of Lovethere is nothing better than watching these two fall in love over sexy banter and fabulous 60s fashion. and all in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. swoon!


{this is glamorous} : adventures in love, design, fashion, home decor, food and travel

‘I’m guilty as hell – and I’ll carry it with me for ever’: Paul Newman’s marriage secrets revealed | Mail Online

Paul Newman And Joanne Woodward’s Lifetime Of Love, In Pictures

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inspiration friday: we heart Valentine’s Day!

our favorite day of the year is finally here! there’s no better way to kiss away the winter blues than with a sweets-filled day of romance and fun. maybe we are just hopeless romantics, but it really is such a happy day. wear your favorite something with hearts on it, eat some sweets, and watch your favorite rom-com with your honey or your besties… that’s what we will be doing! here’s our obsession list for today!!!

1. our favorite sweet for the day… Chicago’s own Sweet Mandy B’s cupcakes. any flavor, they’re all divine!


2. our favorite romance movie for the day… Dirty Dancing. Awesome music, the best over-the-top moments in 80s chick flicks, plus Patrick Swayze without a shirt on.

1012251_10151644769118557_50972627_n3. our fashion obsession for the day… Paul Andrew’s Amazon heel in leathery, feathery goodness. we would be okay if these showed up our doorstep this afternoon…


4. our favorite romantic song for the day… Friday I’m in Love by The Cure. it’s exactly how we picture romance- crazy, fun, head over heels happiness. just listen to the words, watch the video, and try not to smile. we dare you.


5. our favorite creation, made especially for our favorite day… a one-of-a-kind black and white chapeau with a vintage bakelite heart, a swarovski crystal button, and lots more pretty details. someone lucky gets to wear this out on the town tonight!


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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color theory: we heart garnet red

it’s the color of passion and love. garnet red is classic elegance, sensual beauty, and bright cheer all wrapped into one jewel toned beauty. we love the way red gives any complexion a warm glow and a soft, goddess-esque beauty. super versatile, it looks great on it’s own, paired with other hues, or with classic with black and white- think a great red sweater with a perfectly checked houndstooth jacket, over your favorite pair of dark skinnies and layered up with all of your favorite accessories.

our favorite dramatic movie moments always seem to feature a striking garnet red; remember Satine’s gorgeous trumpet silhouette dress in Moulin Rouge, or the fabulous Strawberry Festival costumes in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. it’s special, striking, always sassy, and always memorable…


Burberry Brit’s delectable crimson leather Grendon jacket starts with a perfectly fitted shape, and gives us all the great details we swoon over in a leather piece- quilted detailing, lots of pockets, and just enough hardware to make u feel totally badass.

Francesca’s always puts s in a good mood with cheerful and sassy looks; we are swooning over their precious Bridgeport Anchor Watch in red, white, and blue.

we can always look to Kate Spade for luxe classics, and their Cedar Street bag gives us just that; we love the sweet envelope-inspired design, the on-trend chain strap detail, and of course the color!

we all remember our favorite moments from 2001’s Moulin Rouge, especially this classic scene with a stunning look on Nicole Kidman as Satine, designed by Catherine Martin and Angus Strathie.

Erin Gallagher’s birthstone gems are always a delight, and the Eleanor earring is a favorite, with a perfectly sized hoop (not too big, not too small), and a gorgeous pair of garnets for a lucky January baby.

Winter Kate’s sweet and girly silk turtledove dress is everything a girl could hope for in a playful little slip. we are imagining it layered under a cardigan with tights and boots for a winter look that is sure to turn heads.

Pedro Garcia Virgie’s glamorous shoes are quickly becoming favorites. their crimson castoro wedge is a gorgeous silhouette, funky detailing, and a great color, all in one gorgeous shoe.

we can’t forget Vida, Noxema, and ChiChi in 1995’s fabulous  To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. the girls inspired a dusty old town (and us!) to shake off tradition and be your own amazing self!

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romance saturday: we heart alicia keys and swizz beatz mediterranean wedding


don’t you just love a hollywood couple that you almost, sorta, forget about? not that we could forget her- the gorgeous Alicia Keys loves surprising us every so often with a stunning live performance or catchy new tune on the airwaves. but she and her beau Swizz Beatz fly happily under the radar, and always have, since their romance began in 2008. the two wed in a small, private ceremony in the mediterranean on july 31, 2010, surrounded by close family and friends. and did you know that Deepak Chopra performed the ceremony?

alicia was stunning, proudly showing her baby bump in a gorgeous Vera Wang Grecian goddess-inspired white dress, with an asymetrical, split bodice and empire waist silhouette. the beautiful bouquet provided a bit of color with purple calla lilies and bright green foliage, and her sparkling Jacob and Co tiara was a perfectly regal adornment. swizz wore a glamorous white and black Tom Ford tuxedo with a classic bow tie, and looked completely dashing next to his lady.


we do get lucky enough to see the chic and stylish couple out and about throughout the year. always looking on-trend and perfectly coordinated, the couple are often arm-in-arm at awards ceremonies and events. the two cuties are often seen around town with their son, as well.


FIRST PHOTO: Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz Seal Marriage with a Kiss – Weddings, Alicia Keys :

Alicia Keys from Famous Brides in Vera Wang Wedding Gowns | E! Online

Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz – Grammys 2013 Red Carpet | Just Jared 

Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz at TAO Downtown Grand Opening Party, More Stars – September 30, 2013 –

A Family Affair | Out and About: Alicia Keys and Family at Keep a Child Alive Black Ball | Celebrities | BET

AliciaKeysWeb.COM | Welcome back the leading Alicia Keys Fansite

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romance wednesday: we heart kelly clarkson’s farm wedding

our all-time favorite American Idol alum Kelly Clarkson wed her beau, Brandon Blackstock, on October 20 this year, in one of the loveliest intimate ceremonies we have seen for awhile. they held their nuptials at the gorgeous Blackberry Farm in Walland Tennessee, attended only by Brandon’s son and daughter. the intimate ceremony took place under the shelter of a covered wooden bridge in the picturesque woods of the resort, decorated simply in rustic string lights that haloed the couple.

kelly was stunning in a Temperley London lace gown featuring a dramatic front and back v-neck and sheer lace sleeves, edged in a gorgeous scallop. the silhouette of the gown was clean and soft, elegantly accenting kelly’s ladylike figure. the softly ruffled lace skirts were subtly beautiful, accented simply by the scallop of the gorgeous lace edge. her hair was our favorite part, a soft and perfectly messy updo that blended an undone, woodsy vibe with a chic and modern beauty. her asymmetrical side sweep perfectly framed her face, and she topped the look with a sparkly jeweled headband nestled into the ‘do. she was just stunning!



Kelly Clarkson borrows Brandon Blackstock’s jacket as the sun sets on pair’s stunning wedding day | Mail Online

Kelly Clarkson’s Romantic Bridal Hair: All the Details! | E! Online

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romance saturday: we heart the longest married couple

we love hearing romantic stories about long-lasting unions and everlasting love. it was so inspiring to see Ann and John Betar, who just celebrated their 81st wedding anniversary. the Connecticut couple were married on November 25, 1932. the two met when Ann was in high school and the two lived in Bridgeport, Connecticut. though she was arranged to be married to a different man, Ann and John eloped to New York together after realizing that they had found true love. “It is unconditional love and understanding” says Ann of their long-lasting marriage. so simple and beautiful! 


Ann and John fall short of the Guinness World Record for longest marriage, of Zelmyra and Herbert Fisher, who had been married almost 87 years when Herbert died in 2011.