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around town: we heart having the right to vote!

Can you imagine a time when you didn’t have the right to vote? As American women in today’s world, we may forget that less than 100 years ago, we did not have the right to help decide who runs our country. We owe great thanks to the suffragists that began their tireless efforts to earn women’s freedom and equality, starting at the first women’s rights convention in 1848.

susan b anthony, elizabeth cady stanton

(Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, the founders of the suffragist movement)

Fast forward to the 20th century. Years had passed, and steps had been taken in the right direction. We had gained better access to education, lifestyle, and freedoms that had previously been denied. A huge milestone was in sight, as the suffragist movement gained momentum, strength, and support over the first two decades of the 20th century. The National American Woman Suffrage Association, comprised of various women’s rights groups from across the country that all shared a common goal, took to Washington, DC in 1920. Finally, the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution was passed, and became law, state by state.Many states began allowing women access to vote, and the female voice was finally being heard. Tennessee became the 36th state to ratify the law on August 18 of that year; the two-thirds state majority needed to pass the amendment. On August 26th, our leaders saw a huge victory in the passing of the law that gave womenequal access to vote alongside men.women_vote

(badass suffragist paraphernalia)

Cheers to the many strong women who fought for the rights we have today, and for each woman who stands up for her rights, taking us forward in the movement towards full equality in the United States and around the world. O+

6 Suffragist Picketing(4)

(they fought for us!)

National Women’s History Museum – Women in the Progressive Era

Women’s Suffrage – A historic anniversary!

A Tribute to American Women on the 91st Anniversary of Suffrage — The People’s View

Woman suffrage amendment ratified —

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Around town: we heart the Met Gala

Each year at the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, we get to watch our favorite celebrities don their most unique and gorgeous interpretations of the years theme for the fundraising ball. For 2014, it was white tie, a chance for the most glamorous of all looks to be sported. The theme of the event surrounded a Met exhibition on famous 1950s couturier Charles James, whose spectacular, unique, and architecturally inspired ball gowns were breathtaking, to say the least. James’ inspiration and elegance did indeed reign, interpreted through everything from flapper chic, to mid century class, to modern minimalism, and practically everything else in between. With the myriad of gorgeous and distinctive designs all over the red carpet, we found it literally impossible to pick a single favorite. But we did love so many of the looks in so many different ways. Check out our faves ♡♡♡

1. Most Elegant. Not surprising, Sarah Jessica Parker was stunning in an Oscar de la Renta ball gown, almost directly inspired by one of James’ famous pieces. De la Renta’s tongue in cheek addition was his signature -literally- scrawled on the hem of SJP’s train.


2. Most Unforgettable. Lupita Nyong’o surprised and wowed us once again with her fearlessness on the red carpet. Her flapper inspired Prada ensemble was a bit controversial, but for us, it was perfectly creative, unique, and beautiful; prefect for an evening of artistic expression.


3. Best Audrey Hepburn inspired look. Model Karlie Kloss nailed a perfectly elegant Oscar de la Renta piece in a waist cinching sheath with a gorgeous train, reminiscent of Ms. Hepburn’s black Ginenchy number from her famous role as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


4. Best Floral Look. The always chic Emmy Rossum perfectly paired a glamorous and feminine silhouette with a sweet and classic oversized floral print in bright summery colors by Carolina Herrera. Just gorgeous!


5. Best Bold Color. There is something to be said for a great figure hugging silhouette and a perfectly simple dress in a bold jewel tone. Lala Anthony definitely captured this, turning heads in a gorgeous Cushnie et Ochsgown.


6. Best Casual Look. Some stars opt for a casual chic look for the Gala. It’s a roof look to pull off at a white tie event, but Riley Keough did it perfectly in a chic, figure hugging Louis Vuitton ensemble that we loved. She reminded us of a vintage Barbie in her glamorous high waisted pantsuit!


7. Best Guys’ Look. Guys have it tough when it comes to pushing the envelope on the red carpet while still looking dapper. Shunning the average tuxedo, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka donned unique silhouettes and patterns and still managed to keep it elegant in chic Thom Browne ensembles that we absolutely loved.


8. Best Classic Look. Claire Danes is always gorgeous, so it wasn’t surprising that she easily pulled off a gorgeously simple velvet and satin gown by (who else?) Oscar de la Renta.


9. Most Unique Silhouette. Zoe Saldana defined elegance in a unique Michael Kors ensemble in a way that only this statuesque beauty could do.


2014 Met Gala Arrivals | E! Online

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around town: we heart mean girls

today marks 10 years since the movie was released. we learned so much from Cady, Regina and the plastics, and Janis and Damian about how to survive girl world. we are still obsessed. we may or may not be watching it as we speak.

Our favorite moments:

“I know it may look like I’d become a bitch, but that was only because I was acting like a bitch.” – Cady Heron

“That’s why her hair is so big. It’s full of secrets.” – Damian

“Regina George is not sweet! She’s a scum sucking road whore, she ruined my life!” – Janis Ian

I’m sorry that people are jealous of me. I can’t help it that I’m so popular.” – Gretchen Wieners

“Boo, you whore.” – Regina George

The 33 Best ‘Mean Girls’ Quotes, Ranked – MTV

Lindsay Lohan Has Another Mean Girls Reunion: See The Pic! – The Hollywood Gossip

Mean Girls actor Daniel Franzese publicly comes out in letter to his character Damian | Sugarscape |

15 Life Lessons from “Mean Girls” As Told By GIFs | Surviving College

 **** that is so fetch! ****

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around town: we heart earth day

it’s us environmentalists’ most sacred day of the year- it’s earth day! it’s important to be green every day of the year, but today is a celebration of our earth, and a time to take the opportunity to make it a better place from here on out. for us, it all started with a third-grade classroom presentation, when we were first introduced to “the 3 Rs- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. that day, at home, mom and dad were subjected to a lecture on why those 3 Rs are so important, and we’ve been practicing our own brand of environmentalism ever since. take a look at our top ways of doing our part for Mother Earth…

1. Recycle! nowadays, it’s easy to recycle; we keep a bin right next to the garbage can for newspapers, takeout containers (always wash ’em first!), and other recyclable materials. it makes for much less gross garbage duty, and it’s an easy way to feel like we’re doing our part.

2. Reduce! going to Starbucks? Take your own travel mug; it keeps your drink hotter/colder a bit longer, is a bit less messy (at least for us accident prone types), plus it saves you 10 cents! going to the store? take your own reusable bags; you save a few plastics, plus they’re easier to carry, and they look cute.redcup


(a green don’t- shoulda brought my reusable!)

3. Reuse! we are big fans of reusing old stuff and giving it new life. and why not? it’s an easy way to find a bit more specialness in something preciously used; and breathing new energy into something old really gives one a sense of pride. around the house, in the yard, and even in our beloved headpieces. there’s nothing more special than sporting something that bears the charm of something a bit old, with it’s own story and history, and knowing it’s a one of a kind piece that only you have.laceygreen


(vintage love with one of our fave new designs)

4. Plant some green! plant a few herbs or flowers. plant a lot if you have a yard; plant a few if you have a window. but just try it, and we guarantee you’ll love the sense of pride in eating your own basil (really, it’s so easy to grow from seeds in a pot on the window sill!) or enjoying flowers that you nurtured from a seedling.sird

(we planted some flowers. sir diddamus approves)

5. Take the time! take a look around you, and find all the ways the earth has provided us with so much beauty! everywhere we look, we can find it; even in a big city, just take a look at those gorgeous clouds moving by, or that patch of grass with a few stunning wildflowers. it’s truly amazing! if you’re lucky as us Chicagoans, don’t forget that we have a gorgeous lake right at our doorstep; take a walk along the lakeshore path and revel in the natural beauty around you.

check out for some really interesting facts on this special day, which began way back in 1970 (see, we’ve been green for much longer than you thought!), and how you can do your part.

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around town: we heart the first day of spring

happy spring! it’s officially here, though we are still battling the ups and downs of a midwest march. but our 50-plus days have been making their appearances. and we are soaking up every scarf-free minute. spring is that great season right between extreme cold and extreme heat- so enjoy it! what are our favorite spring moments? let’s see…

1. the first time we see flowers blooming. don’t you love those little green sprouts, cheerfully peeking out from the dirt? it means there are some serious pretties just waiting to explode with color. that also means that the greenhouses and garden centers open, for weekend adventures to gather soil, bulbs, and seeds! our favorites are Pasquesi Home and Gardenin Lake Bluff, Illinois, and Bordines Nurseryin Rochester Hills, Michigan.tulips

2. hello, spring jackets. everyone loves their furry leopard print winter coats (or is that just us?) but there is not better feeling than slipping into your favorite leather bomber (loving this little green number from Asos), jean jacket (here’s a perfectly classic one from Target), or twill peacoat (loving this bright red one with a removable hood at Nordstrom) after bundling up for what felt like months and months.springjackets_asosbomber_targetjeanjacket_londonfogpeacoat

3. frappuccinos. ’nuff said. we love our mochas and caramel machiattos, but after an entire winter of warming up with them, there is nothing better than the return of the frosty refreshing deliciousness of a frappit’s like a caffeinated milkshake for adults. who wouldn’t love that?starbucks_chicago_frappuccino

4. spring rains= cute boots. we love rainstorms: the refreshing feel, the soothing sound, that great earthy smell right after. do you love them as much as us? even if you don’t, we can all agree that sloshing through big puddles is probably the single most satisfying activity one can experience. of course, you need a good pair of rainboots (no one loves wet socks!), and  lucky for us, there are plenty of cute styles out there. we love this purple lace up wedge style from Dirty Laundry, these festive floral pull-ons from Bogs, and this adorable faux quilted look from Hunter. How do we choose?rainboots_dirtylaundry_bogs_hunter

5. time for farmer’s markets. it’s the best part of living in the city, isn’t it? every neighborhood has theirs, and they all open for the season in April and May. our local spot is the Logan Square Farmer’s Market, where farmers and artisans from all over the midwest bring their plants, fresh fruits and veggies, and awesome homemade goodies to nosh on while we shop.farmersmarket_logansquare_flowers

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around town: we heart Shirley Temple

shirleytemple_poorlittlerichgirlShirley Temple was only 5 years old when she appeared in her first film. she spent her childhood as an actress, singer, and dancer, creating a style that was uniquely her own. she was multi-talented young woman who broke box office records, even in the midst of the Great Depression, and was awarded an honorary Oscar at the 7th Annual Academy Awards (yes, they even made it pint sized for the then-seven year old).shirleytemple_1935_oscars

she was fearless in her attitude, and genuine in her performances; it is well known that her parents were supportive, not domineering; and it is noted by all that worked with her that she always wore her signature dimpled smile, both on and off screen.

how could America have not fallen in love with her?

we love lots of her infectious and fun movies; one favorite is The Little Colonel, that gifted us with lots of great scenes, inclusing that famous staircase song-and-dance number by her and one of her favorite dance partners (and real-life companion) Bill “Bojangles” Robinson. another one that we love to watch over and over again is Just Around the Corner, with sweet comedy, a great story about a little girl and her beloved father, and of course more great songs and dancing.


as the child star grew out of her fame, she gracefully stepped away from show business. Shirley was married at 17 and had her first daughter, and after a rocky marriage, divorced four years later. she later married Charles Black, with whom she had two more children and was married to until his death in 2005. she kept busy after her hollywood career, and worked as a United Nations Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia.

she also battled breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy in 1972; at a time when these matters were kept under wraps, Shirley used her fame to go public with her battle; in doing so she played an important role in modernizing health for women, sending a message that we have the right to speak out, be brave, and confront personal battles to better ourselves. talk about girl power!


Shirley Temple passed away peacefully at her California home on February 10, 2014; but this talented and unique woman will continue to inspire and enchant us with her bright and cheerful hollywood legacy.


Official Shirley Temple Website

The 7th Academy Awards | Oscar Legacy | Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Shirley Temple | The Economist

The Bulletin – November 7, 1972

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around town: we heart the red carpet at the Grammys

while the other awards shows are the chance to show off the classiest gowns and tuxes our Hollywood faves can get their hands on, the Grammy Awards are their chance to show off personal style and really make a statement. it’s our favorite show of the season for that very reason. we get to see the casual and the fancy, the low-key and the extravagant, the classic and the envelope-pushing. all in one night! who wouldn’t love it? check out some of our favorites from this year’s 56th Grammy Awards Show…

shimmer, sparkle, shine, oh my! there was plenty of it, too, including Judith Hill looking super chic in an elegantly natural updo and a scoopneck Shareen Vintage, Amber Rose glowed in sexy striped Naeem Khan (her arm candy, Wiz Khalifa, looked dapper in a YSL suit), and Taylor Swift, ever so poised in demure Gucci.


something blue… bright pops of blue in lots of pretty shades were all over the red carpet. Zendaya Coleman was oh-so-chic in flowing Tiffany blue and black  by Emanuel Ungaro, Anna Faris was a classic-meets-modern vision in flat-ironed locks and a gorgeous denim blue Fitriani gown, and Alicia Keys (who went home with the statue for Best R&B Albumwas glamour personified in open-necked Armani Prive.


the bold and the beautiful… bright and warm jewel tones rocked the red carpet, too. Gloria Estefan was pure elegance in blood red Gustavo Cadile, Pink glowed in fire engine red Johanna Johnson with only her sexy crop to accessorize, and red carpet host Giuliana Rancic was fierce in orange Alex Perry worn with a fabulous clutch.

black beauties… Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono were chic in black suits, accessorized with hats and glasses, Ariana Grande was a young starlet in flowing locks and sweet floral Dolce and Gabbana, and the diva of all divas, Madonna was bold in a Ralph Lauren suit, complete with top hat, cane, and a gold grill (plus her son in a matching suit and grill!).grammys2014_arianagrande_dolceandgabbana_seanlennon_yokoono_madonna_ralphlauren