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style spotlight: we heart fall couture shows

Now that resort shows have come to an end, the industry has moved on to showcase the grandest of it all, haute couture. Legendary houses from the likes of Chanel, Dior, and Versace come together in the romance capital of Paris to bring about the creme de la creme of designs. They demonstrate their strength as a label allowing no budget or limitation. Immaculate details from the finest of silks to Swarovski crystals come together in a harmonious blend. The events are star studded and all the biggest names of the moment sit front row to enjoy the spectacles.  The result, the most elaborate bi-yearly designs, and the dresses every bride dreams of. Below, we salute our favorites of the season:

Brought elegance and a refined look that we missed from the Parisian house post-supermarket showdown.

For the closing, Karl Lagerfeld walked hand in hand with the beautiful and pregnant model Ashleigh Good modeling the ultimate wedding dress.

Model showcase: Kendall Jenner has had quite a year. The 18 year old model surely isn’t stopping, making her second appearance on the Chanel runway.

Star sight: Only Jared Leto could pull of such a relaxed style at a haute couture show and get away with it. While Kristen Stewart donned a new short ‘do proving the girl can do it all.
Finding a middle ground between the typical fit to the new and progressive draped silhouettes, Donatella Versace’s Grace Jones inspired collection lets us know that even the fifties had a little room for the Italian power house.
The Collection:
Elaborate neckline, purple hues, and wild prints keep in the epitome of what Versace is.
Star Sighting:

Versace regular Jennifer Lopez had us wondering, is that a dress or pants?


The house of Raf Simmons is as classic and timeless as always. We see a continuance on the reiteration of traditional and minimal designs.

Star Sighting:


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style spotlight: we heart spring goodies

we have been seeing the cutest spring fashions popping up all over town. we have been pinning all week and want to share our top 5 crushes with you…

1. “oh my chic”… this tee from Ily Couture pretty much says it all. fabulousness over your favorite skinnies, or tucked into a high-waisted skirt for a night on the town. obsessed!ohmychic_tee_ilycouture2. turquoise and cream Fleur de Lis Boots by Corral… there is not better way (in our humble opinion) to celebrate spring than by pulling on your favorite little sundress, a great jean jacket, and some cowgirl boots. Everyone already has a pair of brown boots… this spring go for color!!fleurdelisboots_teal_corral3. the feather queen headpiece is one of our favorite pieces for spring! diamond white silk satin, rich teal feathers, and a shining black button with crystals all make for a stunner to dress up for a fun spring date.featherqueen_chapeau_diamondwhite_teal_6004. this delicious train case by Betsey Johnson is a chic throwback to a classic style, with a funky floral print and hardware to keep it fresh.traincase_betseyjohnson

5. we just got this chevron watch at one of our favorite local boutiques, Mary Walter, and haven’t taken it off yet! okay, it comes off at the end of the day, but really- it goes with everything!


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style spotlight: we heart our luxe satin and tulle flower

we love to layer texture, color, and detail to create beautiful works of art. our luxe satin and tulle flower is one of our favorite new styles that combines some of our favorite elements into one simple and elegant design. our inspiration came as we perused rows and rows of stunning ribbons in all the hues of the rainbow. we knew that we wanted to create something that let the eye-popping shine and rich color really stand out. to do this, we created a piece that is simple in design, layering the fabric with a stretch of our beloved bridal tulle, light and soft, with just a hint of color and texture to play against the ribbon and really let it stand out. softly gathering the layers, we carefully wind each piece into an elegant bloom. each one is a bit different in its beautiful form, paying homage to the handmade nature of each lovely piece. as we love to do, each piece is complete with the addition of a special centerpiece. for our custom bridal looks, we encourage our clients to find one of mom’s or grandma’s heirloom brooches or earrings, to bring “something old” into the special accessory. for our ready-to-wear pieces, we love to find the perfect vintage brooch, sparkly button, or special doodad to complete each work of art. we are creating our new favorite look in a variety of colors, sizes, and finishes for spring. swoon!


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style spotlight: we heart peacock feathers

the regal peacock has fascinated and inspired us for years. we are in awe of it’s amazing display of vibrantly hued plumes, extending in a dramatic fan from it’s petite and poised body. the rainbow of blues and greens is truly breathtaking; it is almost hard to believe that it is a natural creature, and not a fantastical image conjured in a dream. did you know there are white peacocks, as well? they are equally as stunning, with the same spectacular display, but in brilliantly shimmering white.


we are always seeing the beautiful peacock’s form in fashion, and it’s always swoon worthy. we just can’t get enough of these gorgeous creatures! who wouldn’t love a bit of peacock fabulousness in their home? 222 Fifth makes these beautifully intricate porcelain Lakshmi Peacock plates that we would love to put on our dining room table. we are especially loving the oversized peacocks that take cocktail attire from the LBD to a whole new level. check out the gorgeous Perfect Poise Peacock Dress from ModCloth– we’re totally obsessed! and this stunning vintage-inspired Peacock Statement Necklace from C Wonder, one of our favorite new online shopping destinations, is the perfect mix of color, metal, texture, and sparkle, perfect for the holidays.


we love making peacock-adorned magic! some of the fabulous pieces we have created… one of our favorite new bridal sets, a boutonnière for him and a fancy headpiece for her, all in shimmering natural peacock feathers and adorned with shimmering vintage inspired buttons. we worked with a bride to create these fabulous peacock feather, marabou plumage, and swarovski crystal  brooches for the bridesmaids party. lucky girls! this is one of our favorite fall pieces, a gorgeous fan of ivory peacock plumes, anchored with shimmering ivory pearls.


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style spotlight: we heart birdcage veils

irene_birdcage_featherflowerah, the birdcage veil. retro glamour at it’s absolute finest. the style has changed little over the years, remaining constant as a bridal favorite. perfect for the bride who won’t be doing a traditional veil. perfect for the bride who wants something sassy and bold. perfect for the bride wearing a gorgeous feathered frivolity in her hair and wants to add something more to the look. the birdcage veil is universally flattering, with that oh-so-flirty peekaboo look that comes from the dramatic net veiling inspired by the handcrafted French silk nets, now sadly a thing of the past. dramatically covering the entire face, or cocked to the side and grazing over the cheekbones, brides go for a birdcage veil when they want to really make a statement.

irene went for a romantic look with a petite birdcage perched to the side, just barely covering one eye. it was perfectly complemented by her feather flower fascinator, and flowing locks over a strapless dress. (photo: Amanda Hein Photography)

courtney, on the other hand, wanted something very dramatic, and that’s exactly what she got. her ivory silk chapeau was worn forward on the head, in an ode to the bold hats of the 1940s. a voluminous spray of netting sprung up from the chapeau, drifting down in a cascade over the bride’s back. the look was complete with a full length birdcage veil worn over the face; the entire piece was completed with the addition of Courtney’s own oversized crystal and pearl brooch (photo: Edward Fox Photography)


lena_birdcage_featherflowerlena went for a bandeau birdcage; a beautiful alternative to the full look of the more traditional silhouette birdcage veil, the bandeau style has all the pizzazz of the chic netting, with a more streamlined look that strikes the perfect balance of understated drama. it looks great paired with a fascinator as well, and lena completed her look with a feathered cluster flower fascinator worn on on side of the head (photo: Greer Manolis, Bell Photography)

lastly, Ashley, who also went for something uniquely hers; a dramatic silk chapeau, customized with a side birdcage veil using her own heirloom netting from a veil passed down to her- how sweet! the piece was topped off with a soft, full spray of ostrich feathers, held together by a soft bloom of pink silk, and an elegant crystal button to complete the look (photo: Simply Jessie Photography)

gorgeous looks, each one unique to the bride who wears it, and all bearing that signature look that can only be captured with the perfectly fabulous birdcage veil.

check out some of our favorite birdcages, all available in custom colors and fabrics:


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style spotlight: we heart lace wedding veils

we just love lace- timelessly beautiful, feminine, and regal. whether it is lace detailing on the bottom hem of a wedding dress, or an elaborate lace-covered gown, a simple scalloped lace trim on a wedding veil or a dramatically ornate lace edged veil- it creates an elegant look for brides that has captured our attention for centuries. many laces are still created using hand-crafted techniques that have been passed down for generations, and the detail and pattern in these laces is truly extraordinary. throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, our favorite leading ladies have wowed us in breathtaking lace-adorned bridal looks for their wedding day. Grace Kelly set a trend that is still going strong, in the magnificent lace look designed by Helen Rose for her 1956 wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco. Gwen Stefani wore a vintage lace-embellished to complement her stunning pink and white John Galliano-designed dress for her 2002 wedding to Gavin Rossdale. Kate Middleton‘s stunning Alexander McQueen gown and veil were adorned with beautifully delicate lace for her 2011 wedding to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.


we love creating lace-edged veils, and love taking on the challenge of re-working an heirloom veil or finding the perfect lace to complement a bride’s wedding dress. each hand made piece stands out as a work of art, with special detail and design that conveys each bride’s personal look and style. Anjali matched her allover lace wedding dress with a beautiful floral alencon lace veil with a modern gathered comb work low in back. (photo: Jessica Purvis Photography). Laura also went with a modern gathered comb for her veil, with wide alencon lace that tapered dramatically to the elbow, complementing her lace bodice dress. (photo: Nolan Wells Photography). we layered a beautiful chantilly lace with a dramatic alencon lace at the bottom edge of Grace’s cathedral length veil. (photo: Life on Prints Photography) Kemi’s dramatci cathedral length veil began with a simple scalloped alencon lace that layered into a larger lace at the bottom edge of the piece, matching her lace-overlaid dress beautifully. (photo: Brian Kinyon Photography)


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style spotlight: ruffled edge veil

ruffles. just the word itself brings countless lovely images to our minds… dramatically oversized victorian-era dresses… elaborately tiered wedding cakes… perfectly feminine ballerina tutus… gorgeous flowers. it is these most extravagantly layered flowers, their texture and form and design, that inspired the style for our ruffled pencil edge veil.ruffles_victoriandress_celosia_peonies_cabbage_hydrangea

(clockwise from left) a dramatically layered dress from 1867

celosia, an extraordinary and unique flower

cabbage, a surprising beauty in purples and greens

hydrangea, a classic summer flower with a spectacular blossom

peonies, a softly feminine yet bold bloom

the softly layered and rhythmic lines of these ruffled blooms inspired the style that exudes subtle elegance, yet creates quite an unforgettable look. it is daintily feminine, photographs beautifully, and remains classic, standing the test of time while standing out as a modern twist on a traditional look. it’s one of our favorite, and one of our most popular, styles


(clockwise from left) gail wore a beautiful two-tiered ruffled edge veil on her big day (photo: cornerstone photography)

the simple ruffled edge veil, one of our favorite looks (photo: erin lindsay designs)

nichole wore a two-tiered wrist-length ruffled edge veil for her elegant ceremony (photo: danray photography)

kim wore a dramatic chapel lenth veil, simple yet stylized with the ruffled edge

lauren’s custom crystal and bead headpiece was completed with a simple yet substantial ruffled edge veil (photo: Jolie Images)