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around town: we heart the first day of spring

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happy spring! it’s officially here, though we are still battling the ups and downs of a midwest march. but our 50-plus days have been making their appearances. and we are soaking up every scarf-free minute. spring is that great season right between extreme cold and extreme heat- so enjoy it! what are our favorite spring moments? let’s see…

1. the first time we see flowers blooming. don’t you love those little green sprouts, cheerfully peeking out from the dirt? it means there are some serious pretties just waiting to explode with color. that also means that the greenhouses and garden centers open, for weekend adventures to gather soil, bulbs, and seeds! our favorites are Pasquesi Home and Gardenin Lake Bluff, Illinois, and Bordines Nurseryin Rochester Hills, Michigan.tulips

2. hello, spring jackets. everyone loves their furry leopard print winter coats (or is that just us?) but there is not better feeling than slipping into your favorite leather bomber (loving this little green number from Asos), jean jacket (here’s a perfectly classic one from Target), or twill peacoat (loving this bright red one with a removable hood at Nordstrom) after bundling up for what felt like months and months.springjackets_asosbomber_targetjeanjacket_londonfogpeacoat

3. frappuccinos. ’nuff said. we love our mochas and caramel machiattos, but after an entire winter of warming up with them, there is nothing better than the return of the frosty refreshing deliciousness of a frappit’s like a caffeinated milkshake for adults. who wouldn’t love that?starbucks_chicago_frappuccino

4. spring rains= cute boots. we love rainstorms: the refreshing feel, the soothing sound, that great earthy smell right after. do you love them as much as us? even if you don’t, we can all agree that sloshing through big puddles is probably the single most satisfying activity one can experience. of course, you need a good pair of rainboots (no one loves wet socks!), and  lucky for us, there are plenty of cute styles out there. we love this purple lace up wedge style from Dirty Laundry, these festive floral pull-ons from Bogs, and this adorable faux quilted look from Hunter. How do we choose?rainboots_dirtylaundry_bogs_hunter

5. time for farmer’s markets. it’s the best part of living in the city, isn’t it? every neighborhood has theirs, and they all open for the season in April and May. our local spot is the Logan Square Farmer’s Market, where farmers and artisans from all over the midwest bring their plants, fresh fruits and veggies, and awesome homemade goodies to nosh on while we shop.farmersmarket_logansquare_flowers

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One thought on “around town: we heart the first day of spring

  1. spring is the best!! and starbucks… need you say more? 😀

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