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inspiration wednesday: we heart lauren bacall

“I am not a has-been. I am a will be.” -Lauren Bacall

She was poised and beautiful, talented and unique; one of our favorite actresses of Hollywood’s golden age. Lauren Bacall died at 89 this week, and we’ll be watching our most beloved movies all week to honor her fabulousness. How to Marry a Millionaire. The Mirror Has Two Faces. To Have an Have Not (her legendary and stunning screen debut).

her style was impeccable- always perfectly put together, her feminine coif and elegant style were the epitome of chic. we love her ability to look equally as gorgeous whether vamping it up with her sexy pout, or dazzling us with her bright smile. she seemed so real- confessing in later years that her signature “look” was actually her way of looking to her lover Humphrey Bogart while dealing with on-screen nerves. she wasn’t afraid to be a woman, to be bold, and to always fabulous.


The magnetic mystique of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall – The Washington Post

15 Memorable Lauren Bacall Quotes: ‘Stardom Isn’t a Profession; It’s an Accident’

Lauren Bacall Has Died At Age 89 – Actress and Model Lauren Bacall Death – Elle

The Best Eyebrows of All Time: Cara Delevingne, Rooney Mara, Arizona Muse, and More – Vogue

Lauren Bacall, Hollywood’s Icon of Cool, Dies at 89



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around town: we heart Shirley Temple

shirleytemple_poorlittlerichgirlShirley Temple was only 5 years old when she appeared in her first film. she spent her childhood as an actress, singer, and dancer, creating a style that was uniquely her own. she was multi-talented young woman who broke box office records, even in the midst of the Great Depression, and was awarded an honorary Oscar at the 7th Annual Academy Awards (yes, they even made it pint sized for the then-seven year old).shirleytemple_1935_oscars

she was fearless in her attitude, and genuine in her performances; it is well known that her parents were supportive, not domineering; and it is noted by all that worked with her that she always wore her signature dimpled smile, both on and off screen.

how could America have not fallen in love with her?

we love lots of her infectious and fun movies; one favorite is The Little Colonel, that gifted us with lots of great scenes, inclusing that famous staircase song-and-dance number by her and one of her favorite dance partners (and real-life companion) Bill “Bojangles” Robinson. another one that we love to watch over and over again is Just Around the Corner, with sweet comedy, a great story about a little girl and her beloved father, and of course more great songs and dancing.


as the child star grew out of her fame, she gracefully stepped away from show business. Shirley was married at 17 and had her first daughter, and after a rocky marriage, divorced four years later. she later married Charles Black, with whom she had two more children and was married to until his death in 2005. she kept busy after her hollywood career, and worked as a United Nations Ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia.

she also battled breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy in 1972; at a time when these matters were kept under wraps, Shirley used her fame to go public with her battle; in doing so she played an important role in modernizing health for women, sending a message that we have the right to speak out, be brave, and confront personal battles to better ourselves. talk about girl power!


Shirley Temple passed away peacefully at her California home on February 10, 2014; but this talented and unique woman will continue to inspire and enchant us with her bright and cheerful hollywood legacy.


Official Shirley Temple Website

The 7th Academy Awards | Oscar Legacy | Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Shirley Temple | The Economist

The Bulletin – November 7, 1972

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inspiration sunday: we heart diane keaton

the stunning Diane Keaton turns 68 today, and we want to honor the lovely actress and take a look at her fabulousness throughout the years. she has been turning heads since the early 1970s, when she starred in films like The Godfather and Annie Hall. her bold, no-nonsense attitude is always refreshing, and her carefully selected roles show us a smart and distinctive woman who is not afraid to have fun and laugh at herself. can we talk about how fabulous she is in The First Wives Club? Only Diane Keaton could so perfectly nail that role, and look darn good in that chic white suit.

her distinctive look and style are part of her allure; her signature funky menswear style was most evident in her true breakthrough as Annie Hall, a role for which she won the Oscar for Best Actress in 1977. throughout the years, Diane has stuck to this signature style, not straying far from exaggerated silhouettes like wide-legged pants, structured hats, masculine blazers and jackets. great accessories are key to her look, from ties and scarves to gloves and oversized jewelry like funky, and surprisingly floral, brooches. eclectic is the key word here- she is not afraid to be funky with prints and a bright pop of color- though we typically see her sporting chic and classic black and white. check out some of our favorite Diane Keaton looks below (it was hard to choose just a few!)



If it ain’t broke. . . How Diane Keaton’s androgynous Annie Hall look is STILL her go-to 36 years on | Mail Online

Diane Keaton Official Website

Hollywood Types: Diane Keaton | Archetypes

Cele|bitchy | Diane Keaton, 66, on plastic surgery: “I haven’t had it, but never say never”

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‘Then Again’: Diane Keaton On Owing It All To Mom : NPR

Not Dead Yet Style: The Messages We Send, Refined

Diane Keaton’s Bowler Hat Epitomizes Her Style

{dF} Duchess Fare: Diane Keaton’s New Tabletop Collection

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inspiration sunday: farewell Joan Fontaine

We love the dramatic Joan Fontaine in her Oscar-winning rule in the Hitchcock classic Suspicion, alongside Cary Grant (another one of our Hollywood favorites). She starred in countless films throughout the 1940s, and was known also for her tumultuous relationship with her sister,  fellow actress Olivia de Havilland. The elegantly beautiful actress was part part of a magical time in Hollywood, when opulence and drama reigned. We will continue to be inspired by her beauty, style, and grace!


Joan Fontaine

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inspiration thursday: happy birthday jennifer connelly

does it seem like you just watched The Labyrinth  for the first time, and obsessed over Jennifer Connelly’s chic style, cool voice, and gorgeous dark-haired beauty? well, her role as Sarah in one of our favorite childhood classics was actually 1986, and the still-gorgeous actress turns 43 today.

we love the smart, varied roles she has taken on over the last 3 decades as an actress. we loved her as the savvy and smart Maddy in Blood Diamond. she won an oscar for her role as Alicia Nash in A Beautiful Mind. she is versatile in her talent, and stays under the radar much of the time by carefully choosing roles that are unconventional and thought provoking.

her style and look are truly one of a kind, a testament to that unforgettable quality that always keeps us intrigued by her. she keeps it simple, often seen in solid colors and clean silhouettes. she does push the envelope, though, having fun with plunging necklines and of-the-moment trends. her signature raven hair is typically seen one of two ways- naturally loose, or in a sleek and fuss-free updo. we love both looks and the way they make her bright green eyes and distinctive heavy brows stand out in a crowd.


The Jennifer Connelly Center

Jennifer Connelly – IMDb

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we heart audrey hepburn


she was a beautiful, poised, elegant… and absolutely irresistible. she would have been 84 saturday, may 4. her presence and energy are still stunningly alive, not only in her films but in the example she set in her dedication to saving children through her work with UNICEF (

she was as kind as she was glamorous and beautiful, and that is the most fabulous thing of all!

as for her films, my favorites are Roman Holiday, Sabrina, My Fair Lady, and of course, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Can you imagine anyone else playing the feisty, fabulous, sexy, yet vulnerable Holly Golightly?