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we heart Qixi

everyone who knows me knows that i love valentine’s day- who wouldn’t love the chance to dress up, eat chocolates, and celebrate L-O-V-E??

so a friend told me that today is valentine’s day in China! how cool is that?

it’s called Qixi (pronounced chee-shee), and it’s a day based on a romantic folktale about a weaver girl, the daughter of a goddess, who falls in love with a cow herder. when the goddess finds out that her daughter fell in love with a mortal, she takes the weaver girl back to the heavens; the cow herder goes after his love, and the goddess creates a wide river in the skies to separate the two. but once a year, on the seventh night of the seventh moon (august 13 of this year), all the magpie birds of the world fly to the heavens to create a bridge so the lovers can meet once again. so romantic.

our inspiration… China’s 99-year-old Gong Deyun and 102-year-old Sun Yucui, who have been married for 82 years (yes, 82) (photo credit: xinhua/liu guoxian)xinhua:liu guoxian