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inspiration wednesday: we heart lauren bacall

“I am not a has-been. I am a will be.” -Lauren Bacall

She was poised and beautiful, talented and unique; one of our favorite actresses of Hollywood’s golden age. Lauren Bacall died at 89 this week, and we’ll be watching our most beloved movies all week to honor her fabulousness. How to Marry a Millionaire. The Mirror Has Two Faces. To Have an Have Not (her legendary and stunning screen debut).

her style was impeccable- always perfectly put together, her feminine coif and elegant style were the epitome of chic. we love her ability to look equally as gorgeous whether vamping it up with her sexy pout, or dazzling us with her bright smile. she seemed so real- confessing in later years that her signature “look” was actually her way of looking to her lover Humphrey Bogart while dealing with on-screen nerves. she wasn’t afraid to be a woman, to be bold, and to always fabulous.


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Lauren Bacall, Hollywood’s Icon of Cool, Dies at 89


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romance monday: we heart memorial day brides

Memorial Day was one for the bridal books. From an over publicized black tie wedding to Moroccan luxury serenade, fashion moguls from the likes of Poppy Delevigne to Kim and Kanye and Natalia Kills celebrated holy matrimony in ways that redefined luxe.

1. Poppy Delevingne

The second affair for the Brit beauty’s nuptials followed the intimate London wedding. The couple opted for a lavish Moroccan affair. Decked in a lacy Pucci peplum gown versus the Chanel showcase that happened a week beforehand, the bride defined bohemian elegance as she glowed of grace.  Sister Cara Delevigne reprised her role as maid of honor, donning a gorgeous lacy suit. The event was surrounded by high profile models such as family friends Arizona Muse, Suki Waterhouse, and Georgia May Jagger. The bridal attire for Poppy showcased an eccentric route for the leading role, proving that floral is always suitable. poppy-wedding-dress--z2. Natalia Kills

As a less publicized event, British pop star Natalia Kills married New Zealand recording artist Willy Moon. The unconventional event took place at the Jane Hotel rooftop in New York City, the couple were brought to together in matrimony by a captain. The happy couple was accompanied by a number of their family members and close friends including Obesity and Speed’s Lyz Olko.natalia kills wedding dress

3. Kim Kardashian (and Kanye West)

Anticipated and highly publicized the rapper and reality television star’s event finally unfolded. In the city of Florence, the couple celebrated outdoors surrounded by an abundance of flowers to the sounds of Andrea Botticelli as Kim walked down the aisle. The couple wore Givenchy by friend, Riccardo

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inspiration sunday: farewell Joan Fontaine

We love the dramatic Joan Fontaine in her Oscar-winning rule in the Hitchcock classic Suspicion, alongside Cary Grant (another one of our Hollywood favorites). She starred in countless films throughout the 1940s, and was known also for her tumultuous relationship with her sister,  fellow actress Olivia de Havilland. The elegantly beautiful actress was part part of a magical time in Hollywood, when opulence and drama reigned. We will continue to be inspired by her beauty, style, and grace!


Joan Fontaine

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inspiration thursday: we heart Stevie Nicks

she’s the woman we all want to be; a goddess that all at once effortlessly encompasses beauty, style, grace, and a natural femininity that radiates around her. her sultry beauty has always turned heads, and her sense of style is like none other. her trademark flowing blond locks and red lips are ever-present, and her unique sense of style is like none other. almost always in black, she encompasses the aura of an ethereal goddess, in flowing skirts and dramatic layers. at the same time, she is a whimsical ringleader, sporting top hats, chunky boots, and tailored jackets with a decidedly military influence. and she easily epitomizes a bohemian princess, in layered scarves and laces, chains and pendants, and sky high sandals.

amazingly talented, we can never get enough of her intoxicating voice, whether leading a tune as the lead singer of Fleetwood Mac, or in her beautiful solo work. it’s hard to choose favorites, but we love Gypsy , Stand Back, Rooms on Fire, Edge of Seventeen, Sara, Gold Dust Woman… okay, okay, you get the picture. she’s simply fabulous.

channel your inner Stevie. put Bella Donna on repeat during a summer rainstorm. rock your favorite flowy dress and knee high boots. sing your heart out, sway your hips, and twirl a bit… just like Stevie.


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Coco, le freak, c’est chic…: LOVE: Stevie Nicks…

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simply fabulous: we heart fun winter hats

we (obviously) love hats. for us, they are a year-round accessory: fresh for spring, shady for summer, cozy for fall, and of course warm for winter. we get excited when the coldest part of the year rolls around, because it’s the easiest excuse for donning cute headwear! some of our favorite looks from the fall and winter runways are popping up now that the temperature is dropping, especially here in Chicago, and we are loving it. our inspiration: Tommy Hilfiger‘s ode to english houndstooth classics, Ruffian‘s dramatic take on horseback riding chic, furry and fabulous at Milly, and chic bohemian layers from BCBGMaxAzria (

hats_inspiration_fallwinter2013_tommyhilfiger_ruffian_milly_bcbgwe are loving all the different styles, textures and trends to layer into our wardrobe for the cold months. Francesca’s bow-adorned beanie is the perfect way to girl-up a classic winter piece. Grace‘s funky tophat brings a classic style into the new century for boys and girls alike. Restoration Hardware‘s ushanka hat in luxe faux fur is deliciously soft and snuggly for the coldest of days- our favorite is the creamy winter white to top our favorite colorful coats. Guess creates the best floppy hats for summer and winter; we love this wool piece for it’s warmth, and the metal studs for the chic factor. we love a great cloche, and Nordstrom delivers in a rich navy blue with an elegant bow to bring out the flapper girl in all of us.hats_winter2013_grace_francescas_restorationhardware_guess_nordstrom


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inspiration monday: we heart madonna’s “who’s that girl” movie style


i still remember our VHS tape of who’s that girl that mom recorded for my sister and I. it was just a couple of years after the movie’s 1987 release; and it would be years until I actually bought the full length movie and had the pleasure of watching without early-90s era commercial breaks, “tracking” related fuzziness from mom’s VCR, and the absence of (in my opinion) important parts of the movie that the network cut out for time limitations. despite all this, our who’s that girl vhs was on constant rewind and repeat in my household, as my sister and i sat crowded around the television, admiring Madonna’s awe-inspiring sense of style. from her classic Marilyn Monroe-inspired bleached, curled, and cropped coif, to her studded leather bomber, and everything in between, we were obsessed with Nikki Finn’s wacky yet fabulous style.

first of all, those gloves. yes, i still want those. the hat. the jacket. twenty-something years later, i still want all of them.


that great cutout sweater with the peekaboo pleather bustier underneath, swoon! of course, the Cartier black and diamond collar helps bring the outfit together. i love that throughout the movie, she removes layers to create brand new outfits. check out how the bustier took her from the red skirt and sweater to the outfit she wears to crash Loudin’s wedding. and the girl knows how to rock a tutu and polka dots!

madonna_whosthatgirl_sweater_tututhe opening shows probably my favorite outfit of the whole movie, the ultra-high waisted leather skirt with the cute little white knit crop top. complete with “two black leather bracelets, and one lipstick, fire engine red”. and her elegant look at the end of the movie, when she sports a fabulously 80s white satin ruched dress with a daring off-the-shoulder neckline.

madonna_whosthatgirl_leather_whitedresscritics be darned! we highly recommend who’s that girl– it’s ultra 80s fabulousness, with great clothes, fun, laughs, and romance. it’s cute, trust us- watch it and see! turns out we are not the only ones who adore this movie- check out some other blog posts about the classic madonna flick…

Corrine B: Fashion Talk

JonathanRosenbaum » Ethereal Girl [WHO’S THAT GIRL]

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style spotlight: we heart birdcage veils

irene_birdcage_featherflowerah, the birdcage veil. retro glamour at it’s absolute finest. the style has changed little over the years, remaining constant as a bridal favorite. perfect for the bride who won’t be doing a traditional veil. perfect for the bride who wants something sassy and bold. perfect for the bride wearing a gorgeous feathered frivolity in her hair and wants to add something more to the look. the birdcage veil is universally flattering, with that oh-so-flirty peekaboo look that comes from the dramatic net veiling inspired by the handcrafted French silk nets, now sadly a thing of the past. dramatically covering the entire face, or cocked to the side and grazing over the cheekbones, brides go for a birdcage veil when they want to really make a statement.

irene went for a romantic look with a petite birdcage perched to the side, just barely covering one eye. it was perfectly complemented by her feather flower fascinator, and flowing locks over a strapless dress. (photo: Amanda Hein Photography)

courtney, on the other hand, wanted something very dramatic, and that’s exactly what she got. her ivory silk chapeau was worn forward on the head, in an ode to the bold hats of the 1940s. a voluminous spray of netting sprung up from the chapeau, drifting down in a cascade over the bride’s back. the look was complete with a full length birdcage veil worn over the face; the entire piece was completed with the addition of Courtney’s own oversized crystal and pearl brooch (photo: Edward Fox Photography)


lena_birdcage_featherflowerlena went for a bandeau birdcage; a beautiful alternative to the full look of the more traditional silhouette birdcage veil, the bandeau style has all the pizzazz of the chic netting, with a more streamlined look that strikes the perfect balance of understated drama. it looks great paired with a fascinator as well, and lena completed her look with a feathered cluster flower fascinator worn on on side of the head (photo: Greer Manolis, Bell Photography)

lastly, Ashley, who also went for something uniquely hers; a dramatic silk chapeau, customized with a side birdcage veil using her own heirloom netting from a veil passed down to her- how sweet! the piece was topped off with a soft, full spray of ostrich feathers, held together by a soft bloom of pink silk, and an elegant crystal button to complete the look (photo: Simply Jessie Photography)

gorgeous looks, each one unique to the bride who wears it, and all bearing that signature look that can only be captured with the perfectly fabulous birdcage veil.

check out some of our favorite birdcages, all available in custom colors and fabrics: