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romance thursday: we heart lindsay and chad’s gorgeous beach wedding

who doesn’t love a good beach wedding? lindsay and chad wanted the perfect shoreside setting for their big day, and found their perfect spot on the Atlantic coast in New Jersey. the romantic seaside retreat played perfect host to the sweet couple’s chic prepster style and bright smiles. the look was tailored and clean, with bold pops of color and bright accessories that really made their wedding day style stand out. the groom’s khaki suit was a breath of fresh air, and the bow tie was the perfect finishing touch. the bridesmaids were lovely in shimmering ocean blue dresses.


the bride was stunning, in a simple and chic ivory gown that struck the perfect chord of casual glamour. lindsay, with a great eye for design, requested a custom belt to make it a one-of-a-kind look. her vision called for a mix of textures and hues, accents of shimmer and shine, and a decidedly feminine flair that made it the perfect piece to complete her style. we created a belt in natural ivory, with oversized bloom accents in her wedding hues of peaches and creams. dainty ivory pearls added extra shimmer, dancing over the blooms and across the belt. for her hair, lindsay knew she wanted a veil. but in keeping with the breezy glamour of the coastal fete, she went for a modern shoulder length cut, in a clean, light edge. a row of lovely pearl detailing at the comb, perfectly matched to the pearls of her belt, was the only adornment, the finishing accent of girlish glamour.


the wedding was just stunning, and by gorgeous lindsay and chad’s bright smiles, we know they had a blast. the talented Stephanie Jones Photography beautifully captured the romantic spirit of the lovely couple. swoon!

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style spotlight: we heart lace wedding veils

we just love lace- timelessly beautiful, feminine, and regal. whether it is lace detailing on the bottom hem of a wedding dress, or an elaborate lace-covered gown, a simple scalloped lace trim on a wedding veil or a dramatically ornate lace edged veil- it creates an elegant look for brides that has captured our attention for centuries. many laces are still created using hand-crafted techniques that have been passed down for generations, and the detail and pattern in these laces is truly extraordinary. throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, our favorite leading ladies have wowed us in breathtaking lace-adorned bridal looks for their wedding day. Grace Kelly set a trend that is still going strong, in the magnificent lace look designed by Helen Rose for her 1956 wedding to Prince Rainier of Monaco. Gwen Stefani wore a vintage lace-embellished to complement her stunning pink and white John Galliano-designed dress for her 2002 wedding to Gavin Rossdale. Kate Middleton‘s stunning Alexander McQueen gown and veil were adorned with beautifully delicate lace for her 2011 wedding to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.


we love creating lace-edged veils, and love taking on the challenge of re-working an heirloom veil or finding the perfect lace to complement a bride’s wedding dress. each hand made piece stands out as a work of art, with special detail and design that conveys each bride’s personal look and style. Anjali matched her allover lace wedding dress with a beautiful floral alencon lace veil with a modern gathered comb work low in back. (photo: Jessica Purvis Photography). Laura also went with a modern gathered comb for her veil, with wide alencon lace that tapered dramatically to the elbow, complementing her lace bodice dress. (photo: Nolan Wells Photography). we layered a beautiful chantilly lace with a dramatic alencon lace at the bottom edge of Grace’s cathedral length veil. (photo: Life on Prints Photography) Kemi’s dramatci cathedral length veil began with a simple scalloped alencon lace that layered into a larger lace at the bottom edge of the piece, matching her lace-overlaid dress beautifully. (photo: Brian Kinyon Photography)


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style spotlight: ruffled edge veil

ruffles. just the word itself brings countless lovely images to our minds… dramatically oversized victorian-era dresses… elaborately tiered wedding cakes… perfectly feminine ballerina tutus… gorgeous flowers. it is these most extravagantly layered flowers, their texture and form and design, that inspired the style for our ruffled pencil edge veil.ruffles_victoriandress_celosia_peonies_cabbage_hydrangea

(clockwise from left) a dramatically layered dress from 1867

celosia, an extraordinary and unique flower

cabbage, a surprising beauty in purples and greens

hydrangea, a classic summer flower with a spectacular blossom

peonies, a softly feminine yet bold bloom

the softly layered and rhythmic lines of these ruffled blooms inspired the style that exudes subtle elegance, yet creates quite an unforgettable look. it is daintily feminine, photographs beautifully, and remains classic, standing the test of time while standing out as a modern twist on a traditional look. it’s one of our favorite, and one of our most popular, styles


(clockwise from left) gail wore a beautiful two-tiered ruffled edge veil on her big day (photo: cornerstone photography)

the simple ruffled edge veil, one of our favorite looks (photo: erin lindsay designs)

nichole wore a two-tiered wrist-length ruffled edge veil for her elegant ceremony (photo: danray photography)

kim wore a dramatic chapel lenth veil, simple yet stylized with the ruffled edge

lauren’s custom crystal and bead headpiece was completed with a simple yet substantial ruffled edge veil (photo: Jolie Images)

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we heart vintage pieces turned new again

you know how much we love re-working stunning pieces into a fresh and modern piece for today’s bride… this is the story of an extra-special, unforgettable one!

a mom-of-the-bride gave us a call with a very special request- turn her stunning heirloom, a crystal-encrusted belt from her big day, into a headpiece for her daughter’s upcoming nuptials.

the belt was stunning, hand-detailed with countless little sparkly wonders – crystals and sequins and beads, oh my! we snapped a few before photos of the belt…


it was almost tear-enducing cutting up such a spectacular piece of art, but her idea of creating a custom comb was just fabulous.

we created a headpiece using a small section of the belt. but for the big day, a veil too was in order. we created a ruffled pencil edge veil, but rather than affixing it directly to the headpiece that we created, we added a secret row of buttons on the underside. this way, after the wedding, she is now able to remove the veil and wear the stunning comb again and again as a reminder of her special day!


wasn’t she absolutely stunning? so romantic!

special credit to Jolie Images for their shots of the lovely bride and of the lovely couple.

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we heart unique projects

it’s pretty much a dream come true. someone gives us a call, tells me that her recently-married friend gave her my name and a rave review, and states that she wants something “unique and different.” step right up!


unique, indeed! a traditional veil, but with color and floral accent… love! she wanted to edge her

wrist-length veil with a soft but rich purple to tie in the color of her bridesmaids dresses, and we

found the perfect hue in this soft tone reminiscent of spring-blooming lilacs. lilies of the valley

are a flower dear to the bride’s heart, and both bride and mom searched high and low for the

perfect ones to adorn her hair. we used a few sprigs of the precious bloom to complete the

very special and stunning veil.

i love the way the piece turned out. can’t wait to post lovely pics of the bride in her finery!