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inspiration friday: we heart Valentine’s Day!

our favorite day of the year is finally here! there’s no better way to kiss away the winter blues than with a sweets-filled day of romance and fun. maybe we are just hopeless romantics, but it really is such a happy day. wear your favorite something with hearts on it, eat some sweets, and watch your favorite rom-com with your honey or your besties… that’s what we will be doing! here’s our obsession list for today!!!

1. our favorite sweet for the day… Chicago’s own Sweet Mandy B’s cupcakes. any flavor, they’re all divine!


2. our favorite romance movie for the day… Dirty Dancing. Awesome music, the best over-the-top moments in 80s chick flicks, plus Patrick Swayze without a shirt on.

1012251_10151644769118557_50972627_n3. our fashion obsession for the day… Paul Andrew’s Amazon heel in leathery, feathery goodness. we would be okay if these showed up our doorstep this afternoon…


4. our favorite romantic song for the day… Friday I’m in Love by The Cure. it’s exactly how we picture romance- crazy, fun, head over heels happiness. just listen to the words, watch the video, and try not to smile. we dare you.


5. our favorite creation, made especially for our favorite day… a one-of-a-kind black and white chapeau with a vintage bakelite heart, a swarovski crystal button, and lots more pretty details. someone lucky gets to wear this out on the town tonight!


Happy Valentine’s Day!!!



we heart Qixi

everyone who knows me knows that i love valentine’s day- who wouldn’t love the chance to dress up, eat chocolates, and celebrate L-O-V-E??

so a friend told me that today is valentine’s day in China! how cool is that?

it’s called Qixi (pronounced chee-shee), and it’s a day based on a romantic folktale about a weaver girl, the daughter of a goddess, who falls in love with a cow herder. when the goddess finds out that her daughter fell in love with a mortal, she takes the weaver girl back to the heavens; the cow herder goes after his love, and the goddess creates a wide river in the skies to separate the two. but once a year, on the seventh night of the seventh moon (august 13 of this year), all the magpie birds of the world fly to the heavens to create a bridge so the lovers can meet once again. so romantic.

our inspiration… China’s 99-year-old Gong Deyun and 102-year-old Sun Yucui, who have been married for 82 years (yes, 82) (photo credit: xinhua/liu guoxian)xinhua:liu guoxian