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inspiration thursday: we heart kate moss (it’s her birthday!)

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the most iconic model of our time, Kate Moss celebrates her birthday today. we still remember the first whisperings of her name, in 1992, when her soon-to-be-famous demure look, piercing eyes, and uber-thin figure graced Calvin Klein ads. we followed her style throughout the 1990s, when she always seemed to perfectly pull off casual jeans and crop tops, lingerie-inspired dresses, leather jackets, and everything else in between. into the 2000s, she stayed in the limelight, though it was often for her personal life more than her modeling career. but she has always remained an integral part of the fashion world, her sporadic fashion show and advertisement appearances always causing an excitement amongst the community. she released her perfume, Vintage Muse, in 2010.

she turns 40 years old today, and is still as stunning as ever. she was happily married to Jamie Hince in 2011, looking absolutely gorgeous in a flapper-inspired frock and Juliet style veil designed by her close friend John Galliano. in 2012, she released Kate: The Kate Moss Book, showing us her many faces throughout the years. she has a fresh stint as the face of ElevenParis, and made headlines on the cover of Playboy’s 60th anniversary issue this month. still as fabulous as ever!

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