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inspiration thursday: we heart Stevie Nicks

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she’s the woman we all want to be; a goddess that all at once effortlessly encompasses beauty, style, grace, and a natural femininity that radiates around her. her sultry beauty has always turned heads, and her sense of style is like none other. her trademark flowing blond locks and red lips are ever-present, and her unique sense of style is like none other. almost always in black, she encompasses the aura of an ethereal goddess, in flowing skirts and dramatic layers. at the same time, she is a whimsical ringleader, sporting top hats, chunky boots, and tailored jackets with a decidedly military influence. and she easily epitomizes a bohemian princess, in layered scarves and laces, chains and pendants, and sky high sandals.

amazingly talented, we can never get enough of her intoxicating voice, whether leading a tune as the lead singer of Fleetwood Mac, or in her beautiful solo work. it’s hard to choose favorites, but we love Gypsy , Stand Back, Rooms on Fire, Edge of Seventeen, Sara, Gold Dust Woman… okay, okay, you get the picture. she’s simply fabulous.

channel your inner Stevie. put Bella Donna on repeat during a summer rainstorm. rock your favorite flowy dress and knee high boots. sing your heart out, sway your hips, and twirl a bit… just like Stevie.


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