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style spotlight: we heart our luxe satin and tulle flower

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we love to layer texture, color, and detail to create beautiful works of art. our luxe satin and tulle flower is one of our favorite new styles that combines some of our favorite elements into one simple and elegant design. our inspiration came as we perused rows and rows of stunning ribbons in all the hues of the rainbow. we knew that we wanted to create something that let the eye-popping shine and rich color really stand out. to do this, we created a piece that is simple in design, layering the fabric with a stretch of our beloved bridal tulle, light and soft, with just a hint of color and texture to play against the ribbon and really let it stand out. softly gathering the layers, we carefully wind each piece into an elegant bloom. each one is a bit different in its beautiful form, paying homage to the handmade nature of each lovely piece. as we love to do, each piece is complete with the addition of a special centerpiece. for our custom bridal looks, we encourage our clients to find one of mom’s or grandma’s heirloom brooches or earrings, to bring “something old” into the special accessory. for our ready-to-wear pieces, we love to find the perfect vintage brooch, sparkly button, or special doodad to complete each work of art. we are creating our new favorite look in a variety of colors, sizes, and finishes for spring. swoon!


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I'm cute and poetic, I create stuff, I am the shiznitt

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