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around town: we heart caramel brulee lattes

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80956eb4815e44ad95704eb5eb95a98bwe didn’t think we could love Starbucks more than we already do. then they went ahead and introduced their holiday drinks for the season, and the Caramel Brulee Latte changed everything. have you tried it? we are completely smitten over it. definitely for the sweeter palette, and perfect for those of us who prefer “coffee beverages” to a full-on cup of coffee. if you love caramel, then this is perfect for you- not just a hint, but a full-on buttery richness that leads the entire flavor of the drink. this is a return item for them, but one that we didn’t get to try until this year, and we are glad we did! and of course we are also loving the return of their red holiday cups, a tradition that lets us know it’s that time of year! they are festive for 2013, with a pretty palette of reds, gold, and a bit of white in a whimsical and modern snowflake print that is sure to bring on smiles. cheers!


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One thought on “around town: we heart caramel brulee lattes

  1. Did I tell you that I tried one and it was awesome? Thanks for the recommendation!

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