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inspiration friday: we heart lucille ball

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“I’d rather regret the things I have done than the things that I haven’t.”lucy1

Lucille Ball was definitely not afraid to make an entrance. she was absolutely fabulous, not only as a comedian but as a bold businesswoman who lived her life to the very fullest, pushing limits, taking risks, and all the while having fun. we all know her best for her wacky antics on her show I Love Lucy, where she starred opposite her real-life husband, Desi Arnaz, as a housewife who just couldn’t be kept down. it was a groundbreaking show, not only as the first of its kind starring a mixed-ethnicity couple, but starring characters that constantly inspired audiences to ponder the idea of a relationship that pushed the limits of traditional gender roles. in real life, Lucille Ball also pushed the boundaries of tradition, forming her namesake production company, Desilu, with her then spouse, producing not only their own show, but the original Star Trek series as well as countless others. she was an Emmy winner as well, honored numerous times for her unique comedy and style.


well, speaking of style, yes, she was fabulous in that department, too. the darling redhead was just as sassy as she looked, always ready to make an entrance in her perfectly coiffed red curls and bright red lips. her run as the star of I Love Lucy from 1951 to 1957 showed her in countless looks, but our favorites are of course her trademark collared shirtdresses, perfectly fitted, worn over dainty pumps and topped with a strand of oversized pearls. she was the epitome of 1950s glamour, so effortlessly feminine yet never afraid to get dirty, make silly faces, and have a good time. we do love Lucy!



Ask Her Anything About Desi Sr., Divorce, Drugs, Gay Rights—Lucy Ball Hasn’t Become Bashful at 68 :

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Facebook – I Love Lucy

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