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inspiration wednesday: we heart olympic national park

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Living in the midwest, one forgets that there is a world beyond vast stretches of lovely earth, rich with the beautiful reds and yellows of our beloved autumns, and sunsets over Lake Michigan in summer. In a world very different than ours, on the northernmost edge of the United States, lies Olympic National Park in Washington, where countless mountains sit regally amongst the clouds, dense with blankets of vibrant evergreens, shockingly large, and stunning in their simple yet awesome natural beauty. We had seen nothing like this until today, when we took a road trip to the top of one of the peaks known as Hurricane Ridge.


We carefully wound around the side of the mountain, slowly climbing higher and higher, until all of a sudden we were at the top, surrounded by sky and mist, standing on earth covered in a thin layer of snow. All around were the many peaks, each one unique in color and character. The clouds moved around us, a thick curtain of gray darkness, swiftly moving as the mountains’ forms emerged in all their breathtaking beauty. We went on a small hike, enjoying the peaceful quiet of nature, and were even lucky enough to see a beautiful deer, calmly eating, just feet from us. It was a spectacular trip, too beautiful to describe in photos and words! If you have seen mountains, you know the awe that we felt standing in front of such beauty; if you have never seen such things, then you will have to see it to really know it’s wonder.


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