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around town: we heart seattle!

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we are so excited to be spending the next few days here in Seattle, Washington! it’s our first time here, and we are loving the beautiful shoreside city. the area is rich in life and color; from the multicolored homes and buildings, to the tall trees, red and yellow with fall leaves, and the blue-white waters of the canal. the city is decidedly northwest, with its towering evergreens and mountainous backdrop, cloaked in fluffy white clouds.

today we went to Pike Place Market, Seattle’s famous farmer’s market that has been open since 1907. we visited the many vendors, selling food, spices, arts, crafts, and more. the market was bustling with locals and visitors alike, all perusing handmade goods, sampling delicious foods, and making their purchases. we couldn’t resist but buy lots of delicious treats and fun local items. we filled up on delicious fresh and dried fruits, homemade breads, and some amazing macaroni and cheese from Beecher’s, the famous local cheese makers.

we cannot wait to visit the many other amazing sites in and around the city this week! (oh, and of course, we will be blogging on all of our fave spots and finds!)

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