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inspiration monday: we heart madonna’s “who’s that girl” movie style

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i still remember our VHS tape of who’s that girl that mom recorded for my sister and I. it was just a couple of years after the movie’s 1987 release; and it would be years until I actually bought the full length movie and had the pleasure of watching without early-90s era commercial breaks, “tracking” related fuzziness from mom’s VCR, and the absence of (in my opinion) important parts of the movie that the network cut out for time limitations. despite all this, our who’s that girl vhs was on constant rewind and repeat in my household, as my sister and i sat crowded around the television, admiring Madonna’s awe-inspiring sense of style. from her classic Marilyn Monroe-inspired bleached, curled, and cropped coif, to her studded leather bomber, and everything in between, we were obsessed with Nikki Finn’s wacky yet fabulous style.

first of all, those gloves. yes, i still want those. the hat. the jacket. twenty-something years later, i still want all of them.


that great cutout sweater with the peekaboo pleather bustier underneath, swoon! of course, the Cartier black and diamond collar helps bring the outfit together. i love that throughout the movie, she removes layers to create brand new outfits. check out how the bustier took her from the red skirt and sweater to the outfit she wears to crash Loudin’s wedding. and the girl knows how to rock a tutu and polka dots!

madonna_whosthatgirl_sweater_tututhe opening shows probably my favorite outfit of the whole movie, the ultra-high waisted leather skirt with the cute little white knit crop top. complete with “two black leather bracelets, and one lipstick, fire engine red”. and her elegant look at the end of the movie, when she sports a fabulously 80s white satin ruched dress with a daring off-the-shoulder neckline.

madonna_whosthatgirl_leather_whitedresscritics be darned! we highly recommend who’s that girl– it’s ultra 80s fabulousness, with great clothes, fun, laughs, and romance. it’s cute, trust us- watch it and see! turns out we are not the only ones who adore this movie- check out some other blog posts about the classic madonna flick…

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