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style spotlight: the feather flower

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introducing one of our favorite styles… our feather flower headpiece. each piece is a breathtaking marriage of classic elegance and modern glamour.

throughout history, our beloved icons of fashion and glamour have sported feathers and flowers in their coiffures, epitomizing beauty and femininity, and inspiring women everywhere. we all love a good accessory, and what better than soft blooms or regal feathers atop your crown to create an unforgettable look that makes heads turn

feather_flower_inspiration_marieantoinette_marlenedietrich_madonna_billieholiday_fridakahlo_julieandrews(from left) french queen marie antoinette is an icon of luxury and glamour (

actress marlene dietrich is the epitome of old hollywood beauty in 1946’s Martin Roumagnac (

style icon madonna gorgeously paired feminine pink flowers with a bold leopard print jacket at 1996’s Evita premiere in Madrid, Spain (

singer billie holiday was not only a stunning talent but a stunning vision in the bloom she often sported atop her head (

artist frida kahlo took our breath away with her spectacular folk-art-meets-surrealist paintings and her captivating style, complete with bold colors, big accessories, and of course the bright flowers she always wore in her hair (

actress julie andrews has always been the vision of elegant beauty and regal femininity; here she dazzles us in a stunning feathered headpiece (

we create our flowers with gorgeous feathers, a bit of sparkle and shine, and lots of love. each piece is hand crafted, ensuring that no two are ever exactly alike. we love customizing this piece, playing with size, texture, and color. one of our favorite ways is to incorporate custom wedding day colors and vintage heirloom brooches to create truly spectacular pieces.

featherflower_julie_timothywhaley-julie’s custom headpiece featured layers of spectacular tulle and feathers, a hand-dyed center of Sangria, her wedding day color, and a nest of shimmering glass beads (couple’s photo:

featherflower_carmen_EnviPhotocarmen’s custom headpiece featured layers of elegant goose feathers, layered with whimsical, soft ostrich plumes, and a stunning centerpiece brooch that belonged to the bride (couple’s photo:

featherflower_lena_GreerManolislena’s custom headpiece featured a set of three soft feather blooms nestled over soft ostrich plumes, each featuring a hand dyed Plum center, her wedding day color (lena’s photo: greer manolis photography)

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