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inspiration saturday: we heart frida kahlo, part 2

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yesterday we explored frida kahlo‘s amazing talent and her stunning personal style. the eccentric and beautiful artist has inspired us since her heyday; over 50 years later, she is still one of our greatest muses. from art to fashion to our everyday life, we are constantly paying homage to the Mexican legend.

modern artists around the globe often turn to frida for inspiration in their designs. her image has been interpreted in many different genres; some artists stay close to that of the classic goddess herself, in dark surrealism and folk art, while others put a modern twist on the traditional style by incorporating frida imagery into modern design. here are a few of my favorite representations of frida kahlo in art today:

american artist lisa ferrante‘s striking frida-inspired art is rich with color and life, yet strikes a beautiful balance of dark and light, paying homage to the macabre spirit of the legend herself


german artist claudia müller‘s bold interpretation of frida is modern in it’s simplicity of form; beautifully layered over abstract and vibrant colors that pay homage to frida’s personal style as well as the flag of her beloved Mexico


filipino american artist pristine cartera beautifully combines skeletal imagery with vibrant florals in this bold portrait, creating a piece that at the same time is whimsical and rich


the world of fashion always loves a bold spirit, a unique sense of style, and an unforgettable yet undeniable twist on femininity. frida kahlo fits this perfectly, so it is no wonder that she serves as motivation on the runways and in the streets.

jean paul gaultier turned to frida for his spring/summer 1998 pret-a-porter collection; 15 years later, we are still swooning over the rich collection that centered around frida’s work, style, and heritage. gaultier ushered her look into the turn of the century by pairing her typical full skirts with spliced bodices and dramatic necklines; her traditional braids, topped with bright blooms, were styled with jeans; and strikingly unexpected details brought a modern-day frida to life. here are a couple of our favorite looks from the collection, layered over two of our favorite still life paintings by frida (photos: corbis images, paintings:


in 2002, Salma Hayek starred in “Frida“, a beautiful biopic of her life and her art, with spectacular music, gorgeous cinematography, and a stunning aesthetic that would make frida herself gush. (

in 2010, fabulous american fashion designer rebecca minkoff dressed as frida kahlo for heidi klum’s star-studded halloween soiree. (

in 2011, zara stores offered a small collection of tee shirts featuring oversized images of the lovely frida kahlo. (

today, we can find frida kahlo-inspired goodies everywhere we turn. haven’t you always wanted one of those adorable mesh tote bags with a sweet image of our favorite muse on it? well we finally found it at one of our favorite spots, ruby carmen (


anywhere we turn, we can find the inspiration of the stunningly talented and mesmerizing frida kahlo. her art and her legend continue to live on, years after her time. it is easy to see and embrace her, not only in her likeness emblazoned upon art and design, but in the unique sense of style she brought to us that will never truly fade away. she is an idol, an inspiration, and a true goddess.

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