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inspiration friday: we heart frida kahlo, part 1

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i still remember the first time i saw a painting by frida kahlo. it was like nothing i had ever seen before. it was her 1940 self portrait; a quiet, somber piece that, like many of her paintings, reflects pain and sadness, beauty and life. it was this amazing synthesis of themes, along with her beautifully elegant technique and use of color, that started my love affair with her work. her body of work is typically focused around self-portraits, a result of her extensive periods of time bedridden with varying ailments throughout her life. always macabre, always beautiful, and always telling a profound story of her experiences in life and love. here is a small sampling of some favorites:



she is a one of a kind legend, a renowned artist whose paintings are admired, studied, and respected by artists around the globe. though it’s not simply her astounding body of work that fascinates us, but the woman herself. she was a reflection of her heritage in her look, with dramatic black hair, dark features, and traditional dress; all of which are prominently featured in her work, as not only a reflection of herself, but a tribute to her beloved Mexico. and she was an innovator, unabashedly sporting bright flowers atop her crown of black braids, colorful oversized earrings, and beautiful shawls and scarves. she exhibited a quiet strength, a bold confidence, and a fabulous quality that is truly hard to define.



stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow; we are going to explore frida’s prominence in art and fashion in today’s world!

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