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around town: we heart bright pink

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did you know that all women have a 1 in 8 lifetime risk of developing breast cancer, and that 1 in 67 women will develop ovarian cancer in her lifetime? to kick off october, breast cancer awareness month…

Bright Pink is an amazing non-profit started by Lindsay Avner, an amazing young woman whose own experiences led her to create a haven for other women like herself (read a great post about her story here: Bright Pink is focused on the prevention and early detection of these types of cancer; the amazing organization is a great resource for women of different ages, backgrounds, and ways of life; educating, empowering, and supporting women who are at risk or facing cancer.


Lindsay and the crew of Bright Pink have teamed up with one our favorite celebs, Giuliana Rancic, to do some amazing charity work and events around the country to engage and support an amazing community of women from all over. We all know that Giuliana, the fabulous and bold Entertainment Television fashionista, has gone through her own battle with breast cancer that began 2 years ago (read a great interview with her here:,,20637654,00.html).

the ladies and their respective organizations teamed up again here in Chicago on saturday, september 28, for Night Bright, an awesome event that painted the town pink- literally! the celebration took place at Westfield Old Orchard, where hundreds of partygoers donned their brightest fuchsias, a magenta glow settled over the square, and Giuliana and Lindsay introduced themselves and their amazing missions to the crowd.


there were many touching moments, including the appearances of Sarah and Adrienne, two amazing breast cancer survivors and best friends who were granted an amazing gift, thanks to the ladies of Bright Pink, as well as Giuliana’s own organization, Fab-U-Wish, that grants special wishes to survivors like them. read all about the lovely Sarah and Adrienne, and their awesome gift, here:

we sipped fancy pink cocktails, watched a fabulous fashion show and rocked out to a totally fun performance by up-and-coming pop group G.R.L. oh, and on the way out, we were surprised with a goodie bag and a table of scrumptious pink cake pops!


it was an absolutely fabulous night, and it was all for an amazing cause. we were all so totally inspired by Lindsay and Giuliana, Sarah and Adrienne, and all of the amazing women in attendance; empowering, inspiring, and amazing women. girl power!

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One thought on “around town: we heart bright pink

  1. Great post, Erin! Makes me want to go to their next event!

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