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we heart grandparents

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are you lucky enough to have grandparents? if so, i hope you called them today to say “happy grandparent’s day”!!

i am lucky to say that i have an absolutely fabulous grandmother. my Gagie, or Fran, as she’s known to the rest of the world, has always been quite an inspiration to me; at 88, she is vivacious as ever. she lives independently, and doesn’t let mature age slow her down a bit. just try to stop her from going to pick up a pack of cigarettes, you will see what i mean!

i am always honored when someone tells me i look like her; what a sense of pride to know that i take after such a strong woman; she lived through the depression and world war II, raised a family, always worked hard (her doctor told her she finally needed to retire just a couple years back), and is always there when i want to grab a cup of coffee and kibitz about life.

here’s Gagie and her soul mate, my grandfather Walter, whom i was never lucky enough to meet. she always says, “I was married to your grandfather, and I never wanted to marry again.” this photo was taken in 1972.


and here she and i are together, on my birthday this year. she’s still fabulous!


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